Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows 

Video content creation is progressing and demanding professional touch in videos. Powerful and effective video editing can take your video to the next level. It is necessary to use the best video editing tool online that can make the video content an engaging one. With overwhelming options online, finding the right one may seem to be a daunting task. 

From incorporating special effects, layouts, filters, frames, and audio, the correct choice can upgrade the video, taking it to a new level. Whichever video editing tool you choose, it is better to choose its latest version for ease of accessibility. Some of the top-rated free online editing software compatible with Windows is enumerated below. 

1. InVideo 

Editing HD quality videos requires skills to give the required professional touch in the video. InVideo, one of the best online video editing software, makes this possible. The user-friendly interface and simple-to-navigate features make it one of the preferred choices for beginners and experts to edit videos online. From free sign-up to accessing the latest filters and effects, it can take your video to the next level in just a few clicks. Using the software doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and it saves time in video editing. 

2. Wondershare Filmora 

If beginners are in search of a free online video editor, Wondershare Filmora is a suitable option. By following simple tips of importing files, editing video, and saving it, you are ready to use it. Moreover, it supports different file formats with plenty of effects to incorporate in the video. The effects give a professional touch to the video with excellent working on 4k video resolution. 

3. Windows Movie Maker

When searching for the latest video editing software compatible with the Windows operating system, Windows Movie Maker is a feasible choice. Creating videos has become easy with the easy drag and drop feature. In addition, adding audio, subtitle, giving timeline narration, and other features is simple. After editing, it is shareable on social media platforms. As of now, it is compatible with Windows 8 and not Windows 7. 

4. Avidemux 

Not all online video editing tools are available for free. There are plenty of free tools, and one of them is Avidemux that helps in simple cutting, adding filters on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Moreover, it supports a wide range of file systems such as AVI, DVD, MPEG files, and others. The video app is easy to use, and learn about the features 

5. VSDC Video Editor 

The video editor is free to use with plenty of feature options to use for free. The filters, effects, and color correction options of the video editing tool are easy to use, and this platform helps you learn to edit. To make the most of your creative mind, this tool is the right option to use. It supports several brands and helps in converting the media file to a new level. Therefore, its intuitive interface is perfect for beginners to start editing on this software. 

6. VideoPad 

If you want to create quality videos freely online, VideoPad is the right option to use. The user-friendly interface helps with 3D video editing and adding the required sound options. After adding the required effects, adjustment, sound effects, it is easy to export the file to social media platforms in just clicks. The feature-packed option is worth downloading and using it for editing purposes for free. 

7. Blender 

Are you in search of a professional editing tool with 3D creation features? The Blender should be a suitable open-source option available for free. This 3D animation tool has advanced editing features such as masking, editing complex files making it perfect for 

experts and beginners. When handling advanced projects and want to give the best effects, download Blender for suitable results.

8. HitFilm Express 

Online free editing software with tutorials and excellent visual effects makes editing a less challenging task. This is what HitFilm Express offers with features to apply in animation videos. The ease of video editing to transition is an excellent option and a great time-saver while editing files. The audio mixer is easy to use and gives professional results. 

9. Lightworks 

The Lightworks is an easy option for beginners for its intuitive interface. The detailed video tutorial makes it perfect to work on and easy to learn the tricks of video editing. In addition, it is suitable for stock videos along with music clips that are perfect to be included in video programs. If you want to create a professional-level marketing video to showcase a business product or service, this is a suitable option to use. 

10. ClipChamp 

The ClipChamp is another free online editor with ease of usage and adds simple effects. It has customized video template options that give an edge to the video. It is easy using the drag and drop method; it is easy to edit the video online. This would help get a professional level of video that is easy to save for future use. 

Choosing the Right Editing Software Online 

Not all the software is compatible to run on Windows operating system. Check its version and the features available so that you can give a professional touch to a raw video. The interface needs to be easy to navigate and choose for editing the video online easily. Well-edited videos are engaging marketing content to grab the attention of the target group. The more you pay attention to product details, the better the video clarity. The beginners should have the correct choice of software that can make the task editing an easy one.‘s online video editor comes complete with easy-to-use features, on-the-spot branding for your videos, and a massive online media library powered by Getty Images and iStock so you never ever run out of content. Promo video maker offers a free trial that allows you to create a video by uploading your own footage, using‘s free standard media or combining the two. Free users will be able to access all of Promo’s video tools and music collections. They will have a Promo watermark and can be shared only via a link.

The Bottom Line 

Without making it complex, it is better to pick the right free online video editing tool. The simple interface and features are easy to use and give the much desired professional touch to the video. If planning to use the video on the Windows operating system, it is

the list mentioned above to give you a better idea of choosing to edit online and download it for free.

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