Tips To Select The Right Aviation Ground Power Units

Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU) is the electricity source for aircraft. There are various types of AGPUs used in the aviation industry including portable gpu for aircraft and helicopter. So, before purchasing one for your aircraft you need to know how to select the right AGPU.

What are aviation ground power units?

Aviation ground power unit is a machine that is used to generate electricity. These units are usually placed near the airports and these units can also be placed anywhere else if necessary. The aviation ground power unit has its own generator and it can produce any kind of electricity like AC, DC, etc.

The aviation ground power unit can provide the required amount of electricity to operate the aircrafts. As soon as the aircraft is ready to take off, the pilot will connect the aircraft with the power unit. In case of an emergency situation, the pilot can use this machine to supply the required amount of electricity to the aircraft. 

There are a lots of AGPU. Some will find  portable gpu for aircraft and helicopte very suitable for their needs. While other may not be satisfied with it’s capacity.

How AGPUs are run?

AGPUs are mostly diesel powered, and they generate electricity through combustion of fuel. The output voltage ranges from 100V to 240V DC. 

AGPUs are available in both single phase and three phases configurations. Single phase AGPUs produce less current compared to three phase ones. Three phase AGPUs are more expensive than single phase ones. Single phase AGPU is ideal for smaller airports, whereas three phase AGPUs are suitable for larger airports.

Advantages of aviation ground power units

The advantages of the aviation ground power unit are listed below:

  • The aviation ground power units are very useful in the case of an emergency.
  • This unit is safe and it is not harmful to the environment.
  • The aviation ground power unit is very flexible, as it can be used in any type of weather condition.
  • This unit is easy to install and is easy to operate.
  • It is easy to install and maintain these units, as compared to other batteries.
  • You can get the aviation ground power unit at a cheap price. 
  • They are the most reliable batteries in the market.
  • They don’t produce a lot of noise and they don’t require maintenance.

Factors Involved In Selecting AGPU

Power factor

The power factor is the ratio of real power to apparent power. The power factor is calculated by dividing the true power by the apparent power. So, the lower the power factor, the less efficient is the power supply. The power factor is calculated by multiplying the voltage and current.


The voltage is the amount of electric charge that passes through a circuit per second. The voltage is measured in units called volts. The number of volts is also known as the potential difference. A high voltage is dangerous for aircraft.


The current is the rate of flow of electric charge through a circuit. The current is measured in units called amperes. The higher the current, the higher the electrical demand.

Voltage and current

The voltage and current are the two basic components of power. When both the voltage and current are high, the power factor is low.

Ampere hour (AH)

This is the measurement of electrical energy which is generated by the AGPU. The measurement is also known as Amp Hours.


Watts are a unit of measure for measuring the power output of the AGPU.

Other related factors

A few other factors determine the type of AGPU you require. These include the number of passengers, the length of the runway, the size of the airport, and the distance from the city centre. 

You should consider installing an AGPU if your airport is small, and if it is located in a rural location. Smaller airports generally use single phase AGPUs. Larger airports tend to install three phase AGPUs. For example, Heathrow Airport uses three phase AGPUs, whereas Gatwick Airport uses single phase AGPUs.


So, now you know about the factors. So, if you are planning to purchase a power supply for your aircraft then you must keep this factors in mind. Those will help you to choose the right AGPU for your aircraft.

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