Tips to Bond with Your Baby

People think bonding with baby is easy, especially for the mothers. They think the maternal instinct is already there, since mothers have literally made the baby.

However, this is a tricky domain; not every woman is able to bond with the baby from the very beginning. While some suffer from postpartum depression that causes problems with bonding, others have issues with bonding that then leads to PPD.

Otherwise as well, mothers might be so tired with catering to the demands of having the baby, dealing with healing, that the pressure to bond gets the best of them. But worry not, there are ways that can improve your connection with your baby!

Breast feeding

Whereas to breast feed or not is your choice, but there are benefits of breastfeeding you should consider. It is good for boosting baby’s immunity, so they get ill less often, and you have to make lesser visits to your Pediatrician in Lahore.

Breast milk also carries all the right nutrients for the baby. It also is easily digested by the baby, so less struggle with burping!

Eye contact

When you are feeding your baby, try to establish eye contact with them. This will help your baby better connect with you.

Focus on the baby

The rest of the world can wait, you go spend time with your baby. While socializing is good for you, but if you don’t want to part with your baby, then don’t.

Also, as you focus on the baby, it can be hard for you to get back to your texts and emails immediately, which is fine! There is no reason why you should be feeling guilty about this.

Massages are good

While you also can benefit from getting a massage, but for to bond with the baby, you need to give them the massage.

Not only does the action soothe and relax them, but massage also establishes physical contact with the baby, which is great for bonding as well.

Respond to their cries

Parents are often told not to respond to the cries of the baby, as that can spoil them. For infants, that’s not true. They are far too young to have such complex understanding of emotions.

So, when they cry, they are genuinely distressed, and you should not leave them be. When you soothe them, it then also helps them in connecting better with you.

Rock them

While this can be a tricky terrain as well, since some people claim that if you rock baby to sleep, they won’t otherwise, but we can forgo it in the favor of connecting better with the baby.

Rocking and lulling them to sleep also makes for a great bonding time, and it can be something special that you do with your baby.

Routine is good

One way to bond better with the baby is by predicting their needs. They then know that their mommy will be there for them no matter what. To achieve this feat, you need to first set a good routine.

Babies are malleable and you can make a sleeping and eating schedule for not only your ease, but better connection with the baby as well.


You do get sufficient skin contact when breastfeeding, but if you are bottle feeding, try to then draw up the baby to your naked chest. As they hear your reassuring heartbeat and feel your warm skin, they are then more likely to draw reassurance from your presence.

Furthermore, skin to skin contact also helps in regulating heart rate and breathing rate of the baby as well.

Word of advice

If you are still struggling with bonding with your baby and are undergoing extreme mental stress marked by periods of crying, guilt, hatred for yourself, sadness, then perhaps you are struggling with postpartum depression. However, you should consult a mental health expert via for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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