Tips on Making Your Trade Show Pop Up Display Stand Out

Many people’s first introduction to your company will be your trade show display. Sometimes we feel we may want to blend in with the crowd when it comes to large gatherings, but if you are the person behind a trade show display, that is absolutely not the case. The very last thing you want is to blend in. If you are blending with everyone else’s displays around you, chances are you’ve designed your portable trade show pop up display all wrong. Before you spend the time, money and effort, here are some best practice tips to take into consideration when it comes to your display. 


Just as your permanent location for business is important, the location of your pop up display is also very important. If you are stuck in the corner, or your display is being blocked by something like a plant or someone else’s sign, all the work you put into your display will not be viewed. If you are able to choose your spot, make sure you get one that is easy to get to, will have lots of traffic nearby, and that your signs are easily viewable. 

Interactive displays

Using active participation like interactive product demos, or playing a trade show game with the opportunity to win some sort of prize, will attract visitors much more than something passive like another video to watch. Not only are these games fun, but your visitors are more likely to remember your company if they are spending more time at your booth, which also gives your representatives more time to interact with potential customers. 

Attractive Colors

Dark and dull colors often create an unapproachable vibe. The colors that you choose for your displays will be competing for attention from the displays around you, so the colors that you choose are important. Choosing sharp colors that go with your brand is always the best choice. Loud obnoxious colors always bring attention but not always positive attention. 

Keep Your Message Brief

Make sure your message is to the point and short. People might not spend much time with your booth, so make sure that the message is very clear and impactful, otherwise it will be easily forgotten. If a message has too many details, it will be difficult to understand, causing potential customers to move on to the next one. 

Create a Cohesive Theme

If you have too many different color schemes, or different ideas going on, people will become easily confused. Being consistent with your brand’s theme across all aspects of your booth will help customers and visitors to remember your image. 

Text and Readability

Having a font that is difficult to read will cause viewers to give up and quickly move past your booth. Having a clear and easy to read font with shorter phrases are more likely to be read than big long paragraphs. 

Ensure Proper Resolution For Images

The way a photo looks on your phone might look incredibly different when it is blown up to be 50 times bigger. Make sure that when you create your display, that the images you are choosing have a high resolution so that they are not distorted or pixelated. If your images are poor quality, that is how people will think of and remember your brand. 

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