Tips for Preparing a Nursery on a Budget

If you’re preparing nursery on a budget, try to find items that are functional and decorative. There are several ways to decorate your nursery on a budget. You can build-in storage, get wall stickers or decals, and use crib sheets and curtains. You can also make a “skip and borrow” list to help you save money. You can also use your existing furniture and accessories.

Getting wall stickers or decals

Getting wall stickers or decals for your nursery is an easy and affordable way to give your baby’s room a new look without breaking the bank. You can get stickers for little accents, a full room makeover, or just to show your child’s name. Personalized wall stickers are a great way to give your child a sense of ownership.

Nursery wall stickers can be fuss-free and colorful, and can be removed whenever you feel it is no longer appropriate for the room. Plus, they’re easy to remove and apply. It’s also a great way to change up the room as your child grows and develops.

When choosing wall decals for your nursery, try to find an eco-friendly option. Choose stickers made of Phototoxic, which is a biodegradable polyester material. Another option is to purchase peel-and-replace stickers, which will give your nursery a new look without the hassle of redecorating or painting. Also, look for sticker sets that are eco-friendly and shipped in compostable cellophane or cardboard.

Using built-ins

When preparing a nursery on a budget, it can be helpful to use existing furniture as built-ins. You can purchase a convertible daybed or use an unused dresser as a double-duty changing station. You can also find vintage items at antique stores, or check out Betsy for budget alternatives.

One great way to use built-ins to save money is to use them to store baby’s toys, extra diapers, and linens. Built-ins can also be useful to store comfortable chairs that parents will need for watching and nursing their babies for brief periods.

Another way to add inexpensive wall art is to use wall decals. A smaller decal will cost you less than a paint can. Another inexpensive way to decorate walls is by using chalkboard paint. It can add a whimsical touch to the walls. A floor-to-ceiling chalkboard wall is a great addition to a nursery on a budget. It will stand out against the pale pink and white color scheme.

Getting crib sheets and curtains used

Crib sheets and curtains are an important part of the nursery. Children will need a place that reflects their personality and tastes. It’s a great idea to start the nursery’s design early so that you have more time to shop for the pieces you’ll need.

You can find a wide variety of crib sheets and curtains at a variety of prices. Choosing the right ones can be a fun process – try browsing the internet for options. You can also visit a local baby boutique for inspiration. Before making your final purchase, make sure you ask about the quality, guarantee, and return or replacement policies. You may also want to consider purchasing matching curtains or valances to the bedding.


When selecting curtains, consider the type of fabric. Blackout curtains are great for a nursery since they block out the light. Darker colors also help a baby sleep better. As your baby grows, you can switch to lighter shades. However, heavy drapes aren’t a good idea near a crib. Babies will tend to climb and pull the drapes, which can be dangerous.

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