Tips for Planning Staycation with Family in Singapore

Spending time for holidays with family is important because it can make us understand each other. After returning from vacation, there are many unforgettable moments, making us more ready for work or other activities.

In the current pandemic era, many holiday plans have been delayed. However, there are fun holiday styles that you can still do if you want to get together and have fun with your family. A staycation is the best choice. Book a luxury hotel in Singapore for a staycation through Traveloka and enjoy some of the benefits provided.

Besides preventing crowding, this holiday does not need to take a lot of time and spend a lot of money.

Even though you’re only at the hotel, don’t let your staycation this time be unpleasant. If you are looking for fun staycation tips, this article will help you plan so that your staycation with your family feels perfect.

How to Plan Staycation with Family in Singapore

Set a Budget

You have to calculate the budget for your staycation. Even at the hotel, calculating the budget is very important. Don’t let your vacation rentals this time spend too much money. You can use promos on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, which make budgets that should be used for hotel rentals and transportation can be diverted to other things, such as buying food or other necessities.

Choosing a Hotel

Choosing a hotel to stay in is the most important. You can book hotels based on your need if you are planning a staycation in Singapore. Adjust the hotel you choose to the prepared budget. In addition, you also have to consider the facilities and services provided by the hotel.

Before deciding what hotel to book, first determine where you want to stay, whether near the beach or in the city center. We recommend that you choose a hotel that is far from the crowds of people so you can get peace.

However, make sure that there are public facilities around the hotel, such as a mini market, so that if you have an urgent need, you don’t have to travel too far if you have an urgent need.

Traveloka can sort hotel prices from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can also apply filters based on location and hotel class. So, choosing a hotel will be easier. While at some time check out honest reviews from previous guests and the hotels’ popularity too. You can check now on the Traveloka application or website.

Enjoy the Precious Moment

The essence of a staycation is to gather with family and enjoy every moment there is. Remember, if planning this holiday is not easy, you have to make time in the midst of busywork. So, don’t let your holiday feel empty this time.

You can do many activities even if only at the hotel. However, to enjoy the moment, don’t be too busy with the ‘what are you going to do’ bucket list to enjoy the moment. Choose activities that are simple but keep you and your family warm.

For example, you can play a board game, watch a movie, or order at a nearby restaurant that serves typical Singaporean food. Then, enjoy the facilities at the hotel, such as a spa for relaxation.

Taking a Picture for Documentation

Just because we aren’t going to the exotic destinations doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile to document memories. You can share your moment with family on social media or print them out to place them in your treasured family albums.

Book a hotel now on Traveloka as lodging accommodation for your staycation with your family in Singapore. Enjoy your staycation!

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