Things You Need to Know About Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Water is the most  important  fluid  in the world. The main sources  of water include  underground water and surface  water.Sometimes water needs to be moved from one point to another and this leads to the need for water pumps. This article aims at unfolding things that one needs to know about water pump prices in Kenya.

What determines  water pump prices in kenya

Water pump prices in Kenya vary from one pump to another  depending on their source of power. For instance  we have solar water pumps , generator water pumps and electric  water pumps.

Types of water pumps

The following  are some of the water pumps  used in Kenya

Trash water pumps

These pumps  are used for draining water at construction  sites, mines and utility  pits. They are made in a way that they can pump dirty water containing  rocks, mud, stones and other wastes.

End-suction pumps

These pumps have horizontal  poles and one impeller.  Making changes to the impeller type makes the pump in agreement with different dirty and clean water amenities.

Sub-mersible pumps

These pumps are used for under-water pumping  programs. They are mostly used for pumping somewhat  thin liquids that may or may not be having solid particles.  For instance sewage water.

Piston  pumps

These pumps work by putting  high force to the  seal through  a piston. They are mostly used in water irrigation.

How water pumps work

Water pumps have three major parts, that is pump system, an inlet and an outlet. Water enters the pump passing through  the inlet when there is pressure difference  in the pump system. Water moves from a place of high pressure to a place of low pressure.  Then water moves from the outlet to the hose and finally to the farm or water tank.

What to consider  when purchasing  a water pump

Rate of flow

The time which is taken by the pump to move a certain amount of water should  be considered.  It is good to buy a pump  which takes a smaller amount of time to pump a lot of  water.

Type of water to be pumped

Different pumps pump different types of water. For instance there are trash pumps, chemical pumps and firefighting pumps.

The price of the pump

It is good to consider  the affordability  if the water pump.  The pump should  be be pocket  friendly  to the buyer. Water pump prices in Kenyavary depending on each pump.

The quality  of the water pump

The brand of the pump should be considered.  It is good to do research so that  you can be able to find the quality  of the pump that you need.

In conclusion  water pumps are very useful in various activities  in Kenya. Water pump prices in Kenya vary from one pump to another. There are different types of water pumps in Kenya. The pumps serve different purposes  depending  on individual  needs. It is important  to purchase water pumps  that suit your  needs.It is necessary to ensure that they are of that quality  that you desire. For more information about water pumps, visit

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