Things to Know Before Surrogacy in Ukraine

GPA Ukraine is not illegal, but there are certain requirements to meet before starting the process. These requirements include the requirements for surrogates and the conditions for surrogacy in a war zone. You should also know how to find a surrogate and the procedures involved.

The legality of surrogacy in Ukraine

The legality of surrogacy in Ukraine is not the same as in the United States. The procedure entails a surrogate giving birth to a child. While the child will have the parents’ name on the birth certificate, the surrogate does not have legal custody of the child. In addition, the surrogate’s name is not listed on the birth certificate of the baby if a donor is used. The surrogate and intended parents must both meet specific requirements to be approved for the program.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated under several laws, including the Family Code of Ukraine and the Civil Code. Despite the fact that no special law exists for assisted reproductive technology (ART), Ukraine has plans to introduce such a law. However, the current draft will not be passed before 2023. This is because the war in Ukraine has disrupted the legislative process.

The legality of surrogacy in Ukraine involves signing a Child-Carrying Contract between the intended parents and the surrogate mother candidate. The contract must be signed in the presence of a Notary, in two copies, and must include the details of the surrogacy process. The contract must also include any actions associated with the process.

Requirements for surrogates

Surrogates are expected to have a good health and lead a balanced life. They must also be responsible and trustworthy. They must have the desire to assist other couples and be able to follow the wishes of their doctors. Surrogates in Ukraine usually visit a doctor regularly and undergo blood and urine tests. In addition, they consult with other medical professionals. Surrogates are generally recruited through an agency. It is advantageous to choose an agency with a close proximity to your home. Moreover, you can also choose to go through a clinic that offers its services.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal. However, couples who wish to undergo this treatment must fulfill certain criteria. The most important one is that they must have a medical reason for surrogacy. The reason must be connected to the inability of the couple to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. The complete list of medical conditions is outlined in the Order on the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Conditions for surrogacy in a war zone

Conditions for surrogacy in Ukraine in armed conflict are particularly dire. The war has left many people homeless and many surrogate mothers are no longer in contact with their agencies. Many have been stranded in war-torn cities or are banned from leaving the country. In addition, many foreign couples who had arranged surrogacy in Ukraine have ceased communications and have resorted to social media to find parents and surrogates.

The war has reduced the demand for surrogacy in Ukraine, but the demand for surrogacy globally is increasing. The aging population and increasing risk of infertility are driving an increasing number of people to seek surrogacy. However, some countries are prohibiting surrogacy abroad for fear of exploitation of surrogates. In the United Kingdom, surrogacy for non-residents is only permitted in “altruistic” situations where surrogates are compensated for their expenses. Unfortunately, this reduces the number of surrogates who are willing to be involved in surrogacy.

The two maps were in touch through a translation app, sharing pictures of their babies and talking about the pandemic. They hoped to find a way to leave the country as quickly as possible. But they were worried that their surrogacy fee would be lost if they could not deliver their babies. They had to wait until the next day to cross the front line.

Finding a surrogate

Before choosing a Ukrainian surrogate, it is important to consider her medical history. Ukrainian clinics often do not monitor their surrogate mothers’ health closely, which is a huge concern for hopeful parents.

The laws in Ukraine are very strict about the surrogacy process, and only couples with a medical reason can qualify for the procedure. Surrogacy is a legally binding arrangement between the surrogate and the intended parents. The intended parents and surrogate must sign a surrogacy contract to ensure that the arrangement is legal. A contract should include information about the intended parents and surrogates.

Surrogates in Ukraine are paid EUR15,000 to EUR20,000. The payment is paid once the surrogacy process is completed. Most surrogates are recruited by agencies. The surrogate will be recruited in a city or town near the intended parents. This is important because the surrogate will need to be close to the intended parents’ location when the delivery begins.

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