There Are 30 Different Hairstyles That Bridesmaids Can Choose from

Your Pinterest board probably has a variety of wedding hairstyles. You may have planned your hairstyle down to the last curl if you’ve already had a trial. What about the bridal group? Your opinion can be used to help your crew select the perfect look, just like you did when choosing a bridesmaid dress.

Don’t worry – we have done all the hard work for you. Scroll down to see some of the best hairstyles bridesmaids can wear. You can have your bridesmaids choose from tousled curls to elegant updos.

Personal Coifs

Brides who let their friends dress according to their own aesthetics are highly regarded. This trend of mismatched wedding parties will continue.

Ethereal Vibes

With her white halter gown, white flower crown and waves on the beach, this bridesmaid creates an ethereal, awe-inspiring look. The white lace of her dress ties in beautifully with the white lace overlay on the bride’s gown.

Relaxed Elegance

Don’t discount a low and loose style! These ladies are so beautiful with their relaxed and matching hairstyles. These hairstyles are not too rigid or pinched. The result is timeless yet youthful and fresh.

‘Dos mismatched

Combinations of beautiful curls, braided hairstyles and blowouts look stunning. Even styles that aren’t matched can look amazing together. Booking appointments with the same stylist or team is important, as they are the ones who will know how to put it all together.

Modern Middle Parts

A middle part can be both refined and demure. This is a great way of adding a modern flair to your wedding. In the group picture (and many other pictures too), these bridesmaids have their hair styled into a bun.

Cohesive ‘Dos

These beautiful ladies prove that matching hairstyles with gowns is not only stunning but also beautiful. Cold-shoulder dresses can be a great option to create a uniformed look while flattering all bridesmaids.

Sleek Chignons

A sleek chignon can be elegant and poised with a big bang. Simple and timeless styles are beautiful.

Beachy Waves

This classic style works well with a variety of hair textures and lengths. This look will still be stunning if your bridesmaids have bangs, layers or both.

Formal Vibes

For formal weddings during the day, waves and twists are perfect. This bride allowed her friends to choose a hairstyle that reflected their personality while still adhering to the black-tie look.

Wavy Bobs

The bride and her bridal party show that waves with a touchable shine are beautiful when applied to hair in different lengths and colors. These waves are natural-looking and cohesive. This is ideal for formal events, black-tie affairs and other formal occasions.

Loose Barrel Curls

The bridesmaids opted for a big, glossy barrel curl that is adaptable to different hair textures and lengths. The uniformity of these ladies in matching robes and slippers is evident.

Natural Beauty

What else can a bride ask for from her bridesmaids but gorgeous, natural-looking hair textures? The bridesmaids should also have wide smiles. This combination of braided and sleek ponytails gives a feminine look.

Simple Straight Locks

The bridesmaids’ carefully selected ensemble would have been ruined by full-volume hairstyles. (Just look at their striking bouquets and cream-colored jumpsuits). She kept her hair simple and sleek. Starting with straightened locks, she ended with a mix of low-key shaved-back styles.

A Single Theme

We counted 7 different twists, styles braided, and updos in addition to these fabulous hairstyles. The ladies could choose from different styles that fit the theme. They can complement each other without being too similar.

Pearl Headband

A beautiful headband covered in pearls can replace a tiara. With loose waves and a middle part, the look remains youthful and fresh.

Subtle Mismatched style

I like the idea but am not sure if it is too much. You can choose to have the bridesmaids sport different hairstyles. The floor-length black gown is the case in this instance. They chose between two half-down and ponytail styles. The brides also chose two styles of down hair.

Beachy Glam

How about a combination with soft waves, beachy textures and an updo to suit a formal occasion? How to keep a wedding theme with mismatched hairstyles. The styling and accessories create a relaxed, natural look.

Wedding day Roles

Still trying to decide what beauty direction you want to take? It’s important to consider everyone’s roles on the wedding day when choosing a hairstyle. This is particularly true for the maid of honor.

Perfectly Cohesive

These bridesmaids wore the same exact hairstyle as the bride. This brings everyone together, creating a cohesive aesthetic for the wedding day.

Co-ordinated Hues

The bridesmaids chose hairstyles that were mismatched to their mismatched dresses. Have you noticed that all the pink dresses had updos while the blue dresses had long tumbling hairstyles? This is how you can make a wedding party that’s mismatched look cohesive.

Crystal Accessories

Hair accessories can add a little glamour to your wedding outfit. These crystal hair clips look romantic, but are not too dramatic. These clips are perfect for wedding hairstyles of all types!

The Regal Twist

Not all updos use braids. You can create a chic and royal look by twisting a thick strand of hair from your crown.

The Season’s Greenery

If you like the trend, add some greenery into the hairstyles of your bridesmaids. Add flowers to the boho style.

Summer Styles

Your bridesmaids and you will have fun rocking the styles all day (and well into the night!) Your hairstyle will be determined by the season and location of your wedding. An updo in loose waves with a tropical theme is perfect for summer weddings.

A Perfect Blowout

You can have a bridesmaid ready for the wedding in no time with a blowout. You may want to test the blowout on each bridesmaid in advance, as different hair textures hold volume and waves differently.

Soft Curls

We love soft curls. Soft curls are more relaxed than barrel curls and va-va-voom spirals. This style is popular among brides because it’s a nice middle ground.

Buns that are versatile

Simple buns are versatile styles that can be worn in tight or loose configurations in either a high, middle or low position. This is a style that is elegant and neat. This style will stay in place all day long and well into the evening without any hairs moving.

A Sleek Horse

Do you want to give your bridesmaids an elegant look? To create the black-tie appearance, make sure that her bridesmaids neatly tuck their hair in a ponytail.

Curls in Bombshell

It’s impossible to make a mistake with a half-up, half-down ‘do. Even though the dresses are different, there is a uniformity to the long curls.

Elegant and simple

For a sophisticated look, a loose, unfussy style can be paired up with a jewel toned dress. A formal outfit can be given a youthful feel by using a casual, pared-back style.

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