The Possible Future of Australian Immigration in 2021

The pandemic has divided a lot of things for us into “before and after”. We find ourselves referring to so many things in terms of “before coronavirus”, “pre-pandemic”, post-pandemic”, etc. it’s how strongly and deeply it has affected our lives. With everything else, the Australian immigration system is also affected by different aspects of the pandemic situation. We are referring to many things in pre and post-pandemic terms in the Australian immigration scene also. We will talk about the possible future of Australian immigration and how different visa subclasses like Subclass 189 will be affected in the year2021.

The year 2020 has been very eventful and also full of surprises and shocks for Australian immigration due to the prevailing coronavirus situation. In 2021 things are expected to change for Australian immigration as a post-pandemic world is emerging.

Possible future of Australian immigration in 2021

As discussed above, many things got changed for Australian immigration due to the coronavirus. However, with the discovery of its vaccination and with the initiation of vaccination drive in Australia many things are expected to change for the better in 2021. This hasn’t been without its own roadblocks, according to Cold Jet Dry Ice in Sydney, the vaccine rollout had been slowed due to the temperature requirements of the vaccines. All covid vaccines required storage at extremely low temperatures that made transportation difficult, until the introduction of specialty made dry ice boxes. Countries are now relying on these dry ice boxes to transport the vaccines around the globe. The Australian immigration system is deeply affected by the travel ban imposed due to coronavirus.

Many visa holders got stuck overseas and couldn’t return and resume their work or studies in Australia. Also, many visa holders were unable to exit Australia due to limited travel operations and a travel ban. But hopefully, this situation seems to change in 2021.

Let’s see how:

  • The sector that got affected the most in 2020 is the international students. Hundreds of thousands of students were stuck overseas and couldn’t come back to their institutions in Australia due to the travel ban. Which has caused great distress for them as well as the Australian educational system. But with the vaccination drive going on this situation is expected to change soon. As it has been said that the international students will also be part of the stage by stage vaccination drive. Soon the international student traffic will resume on Australian borders.
  • The situation for many other temporary Australian visas is also expected to be changed for good soon. Many new visa extensions, fee waivers and other facilities are provided to the temporary visa holders.For example, the visa fee waivers for 482 Visa, 476 visas, 500 visas, etc. if the applicants satisfy certain eligibility conditions All this will help in restoring the trust and faith that migrants have in Australia and that seemed to be shaking in the tough conditions presented by the virus.
  • Also, the migration program 2020-2021 seemed very sound. It has increased the number of allocation for a dependent child, skilled workers, regional visa and global talent program, etc. this will present so many opportunities for the people seeking opportunities to get an Australian visa. Also, Australia will be working very keenly to attract international students as it doesn’t want to risk losing them for any reason which will also bring forward many good opportunities for international students like scholarships and grants, etc.

The year 2021 will be always regarded in history as the year where a post-pandemic world emerged and brought a lot of changes for everyone. We hope that this brings a lot of positivity and good changes for everyone and also Australian immigration.

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