The Most Famous Raw Hair Company in the World

Many raw hair companies are growing rapidly these days, each of them has its own strengths and drawbacks. If you are finding a trustworthy raw hair company to work with, keep reading this article to choose the best one. 

1. Overview of raw hair company 

Before getting to know how to choose a trustworthy raw hair company, you first need to find out its basic information. 

1.1. Definition of raw hair company

A raw hair company is known as a small-sized or large-sized group of people operating an industrial or commercial firm selling or trading raw hair as its principal product—the best quality hair that is unprocessed and has not undergone heat, steam or chemical treatment. 

1.2. Categories of raw hair company

Raw hair companies have 2 types which are: manufacturing company and commercial company, each of them has its own characteristics. 

  • Manufacturing company: A business that creates hair products manufactured from raw hair is known as a raw hair production firm. In order to make hair, they have manufacturers, machinery, technology, and expert labor. They directly purchase hair from donors before manufacturing, processing, and offering the wholesale hair products to buyers at a reasonable price. 
  • Commercial company: A firm that purchases raw hair products from a manufacturer is known as a commercial raw hair company. To store their goods, they have their own warehouses. Additionally, their clients may include hair merchants, smaller hair distributors, or the end consumer themselves.

If you are starting your own hair business and looking for a raw hair company which supplies wholesale high-quality hair products at an affordable price, a manufacturing company would be the best choice, otherwise, a commercial company will be suitable for those who are searching for hair products for personal use. 

2. Types of products supplied by raw hair company 

There are various types of raw hair products provided by a raw hair company and you should know their features before purchasing. 

2.1. Raw hair weft supplied by raw hair company

Raw hair weft supplied by a raw hair company is one of the best sought-out hair items in the world hair market as it is sourced from high-quality hair and retains its outstanding features after careful collection and process from the manufacturer. 

  • Raw hair weft is a bundle of raw hair which is sewn into weft by machine and the hair strand is intact. 
  • South African customers who want to add volume and length to their natural hair pick this choice because it offers excellent covering without compromising quality. 
  • The length provides flexibility for wavy, curly or straight hair styles. 

Choose raw hair weft to create your best look and enhance your confidence. 

Screenshot 244

Raw hair weft supplied by raw hair company

2.2. Raw bulk hair supplied by raw hair company

Look no farther than the raw bulk hair if you are seeking for a raw hair company which offers the ideal hair item which blends seamlessly with your natural hair. This best-selling item is renowned for its distinctive and all-natural qualities, which set it apart from other hair varieties.

  • Raw bulk hair refers to a bundle of raw hair without a weft, clip, tape or microbead attached at one end. 
  • Raw bulk hair is the best option for anybody searching for a hair item which makes your look natural since it is luxurious, silky, shining and light to wear. 
  • For any customers who want to create their own hair weft extensions, raw bulk hair is an excellent choice. 

If you want to have a type of hair with a large amount and a reasonable price to start your own hair business, raw bulk hair is the best option. 

2.3. Raw hair extensions supplied by raw hair company

Raw hair extensions are also a popular hair item these days due to its premium quality.

  • Raw hair extensions is a type of genuine hair which is closely attached to your natural hair. 
  • There are many types of raw hair extensions such as: clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins, etc. 
  • Raw hair extensions are a favorable choice as they are convenient to use, customers can apply or take off raw hair extensions whenever they want. 

Don’t hesitate to choose raw hair extensions if you want to have the best look. 

2.4. Raw hair wigs supplied by raw hair company

Currently the demand for raw hair wigs is growing higher, especially in South Africa. 

  • Raw hair wigs are a type of hair item which cover the user’s head. They are made of raw hair which has never been through any chemical or heat treatment. 
  • Raw hair wigs offered by a raw hair company are frequently used by those with short, thin hair or those who desire to cover their real hair. 
  • As raw hair wigs are the most convenient hair extensions to use, not everyone can afford them as raw hair wigs’ price is expensive. 

If you are looking for a hair item which can increase your confidence, feel free to choose raw hair wigs. 

3. Tips to find a reliable raw hair company 

There are various raw hair companies which are rapidly growing in the world these days. As a result, it will be a tough challenge for customers to choose a trustworthy raw hair company to make their purchases. So below are the detailed tips to seek for your long-term partner. 

  • Check reviews: The first important tip is to check customers’ feedback on the products of the raw hair company. You can search for them on the company’s websites or social media accounts. The reviews from clients who have purchased from the hair company will be the direct factor in determining whether the hair company is legit or not. 
  • Ask for samples: The second important tip is to ask for hair samples from the company. By requesting to have the hair sample, you can test the products’ quality by yourself before making a purchase. If possible, come directly to the raw hair company to check the hair products. 
  • Check websites and social media: The third important tip is to check the raw hair company’s websites and social media accounts. If the company is valid, they would publicize all the important information including: company’s location, phone number, price and range of products, etc. Otherwise, if the company is rarely active on their websites and social media accounts, be careful before buying hair from them. 
  • Check policies: The last important tip is to check the raw hair company’s policies. A hair company is trustworthy if they provide customers with return and exchange policies which benefit both. On the other hand, if they don’t offer clear policies when you are making a purchase, consider choosing another raw hair company. 

Remember to follow these aforementioned tips carefully before choosing a raw hair company to cooperate. 

Screenshot 243

Tips to find a reliable raw hair company

4. Top best raw hair company in the world 

These are the most reliable raw hair companies which supply high-quality raw hair products that you should write down on your list. 

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor – The leading Vietnamese raw hair company

Vin Hair Vendor is a well-known Vietnamese raw hair company with a focus on high-quality raw hair products and exceptional customer service. They are also starting to sell hair internationally. 

  • Products: They provide high quality raw hair in a range of products like tape-ins, clip-ins, frontals, closures and other items made from Vietnamese raw hair. Their raw hair products are renowned for being of the finest caliber, robust, and flexible. 
  • Price: Vin Hair’s Vietnamese raw hair is only $8.8 per kilogram, which is a reasonable price for their high-quality products. You may be able to get better discounts if you buy something in bulk. 
  • Policies: In the event that consumers are unhappy with the raw hair products due to the manufacturing process, Vin Hair also has an exchange and refund policy in place.

If you want to have premium Vietnamese raw hair products, feel free to choose Vin Hair Vendor, the raw hair company. 

Screenshot 242

Vin Hair Vendor – The leading Vietnamese raw hair company

4.2. Ted Hair –  A trustworthy raw hair company from China

Ted Hair is one of the pioneering and leading raw hair companies in the market. Ted Hair is in a position to supply the worldwide hair market with a wealth of premium hair products at affordable costs because of its sizable production capacity and state-of-the-art hair-processing techniques.

  • Products: Ted Hair offers lace wigs, hair wigs, closures, frontals, tape, and tip-ins.
  • Price: From 23.5 to 329 USD per item
  • Policy: They accept exchanges and refunds within 7 days after purchasing.

If you are starting your own hair business, Ted Hair the raw hair company will be a great choice to cooperate with. 

4.3. Apsara Cambodian Hair – Among the best raw hair company in Cambodia

Visit Apsara Cambodian Hair if you’re seeking for a reputable raw hair provider in Cambodia.

  • Products: They provide straight, deeply wavy curly, naturally wavy, big waves hairstyles.  
  • Price: Beginning at 450 USD for 1 kilogram of straight hair, extremely affordable.
  • Policies: Apsara freely accepts returns and exchanges. 

Apsara Cambodian Hair is a fantastic choice of a raw hair company due to its high caliber and reasonable cost.

4.4. Nadula Hair – A famous raw hair company in the world

Nadula Hair is well-known all around the world because its products pledge to provide opulent, durable and natural beauty to customers. 

  • Products: The company’s main offerings include 100% remy hair V part wigs, lace wigs, closures and hair bundles.
  • Price: From 44 to 347 USD for each item. 
  • Policies: Nadula Hair offer refund and exchange guidelines in 30 days. 

Customer feedback is mostly positive regarding the hair wigs. If you’re looking for the best Chinese raw hair company with a wide range of fantastic items, don’t ignore Nadula Hair.

4.5. UNice Hair – Top best raw hair company in the world

Thanks to its affordable prices and extensive product line, UNice is considered as among the largest raw hair manufacturers in the world.

  • Products: Wigs, lace closures and hair weaves are the main items, and they are made with hair from many sources, including Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair and Indian hair.
  • Price: From 70 to 320 USD per item. 
  • Policies: Within 30 days, returns and exchanges are permitted. Refunds will be issued within 24 hours of receiving and verifying your returned item.

You may shop with confidence for a range of raw hair products at UNice Hair, which is a fantastic raw hair company to cooperate with.

Raw hair is a potential hair product that can brings great benefit for those trading it. If you want to buy raw hair in bulk, read this article for more information about wholesale raw hair vendors in the world:

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