The Lot You Need to Know About Car Parking Shades

The durability of a car directly depends on its servicing and other important aspects such as where it is parked while not on road. A good car park must have a shade and boundary makers to prevent cars that are parked from colliding and incurring significant damages. There are different car parking shades in every county with their fees ranging depending on the region and amount of space needed. In this article, a concise description of car parks in the country is given where accurate details are available for client knowledgeability.

What is a Car Parking Shade?

A car parking shade is a private ground enhanced with facilities such as appropriate roofing and a leveled landscape to provide space for car parking activities. The concept of car parking is prevalent in metropolitans and major urban centers because of the increasing number of car owners who drive to places of work from home daily. These car parks are beneficial to both parties where they are a business entity to owners and offer security assurance to car owners throughout the day when they are busy with other schedules.

A Car Parking Shade

The Major Kenyan Car Parking Shades

In the country’s capital city, the major car parking shades include Safari Park Car Park and others. These Car parking shades in Kenya are a real sigh of relieve to car owners with errands especially in town.

No serious car owner would like to leave their cars exposed to sunlight and probably falling objects. This exposure may prove costly if the car’s painting starts fading or is hit.


Accessing the services of car parking shades in Kenya requires a few legal formalities that involve the payment process to receive a permit. The permits are obtainable in the main offices of these car parking shades where they are renewed over a specific period. Government regulations control the activities of car parking shades where criminal offenses are punishable whenever prevalent. Although the process is quite demanding, technological interventions speed up the process of acquiring permits where one can easily apply for a permit online.

Are There Alternatives?

In metropolitans, it is difficult to find alternatives because of the congestion as a result of the busy day-to-day schedules. Navigating around towns in the county is very convenient which makes parking permits an essential tool for every professional driver. In terms of cost, there are options for car parking shades that are far away from the Central Business District meaning that one has to walk quite a distance to access the services. Selecting the appropriate car parking shade depends on client preference, cost, and efficiency.


In conclusion, the car parking shades business in Kenya is flamboyant given the number of car owners in the country. It is a guarantee that one will always find suitable car parking shades in the county with the use of google maps. Understanding how the business works are very crucial especially when it comes to government regulations because finding oneself on the wrong side of the law can be very costly.

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