The Fruity Hint – 10 Best Wineries to Visit in Santorini

Whether you are in it for the health benefits or for the taste of it, one can’t go wrong with wines. Wines have been the beverage of choice since times immemorable. Many an empire has fallen and philosophies have been thought of after a few glasses of wine. It is then safe to assume that the wine industry has always been on the rise. So much so, that estimates claim that this fruity industry has been evaluated at an eye-watering 300 Billion USD surplus. Needless to say, this beverage ( and its production ) is serious business.

Santorini is most famous for its chalk-like architecture, romantic sunsets, blue-domed buildings, and gorgeous beaches. This romantic concoction makes couples want to search for Greece tour packages right away. Surprisingly, this honeymoon destination is also the country’s best destination for wine aficionados. So, to make sure you have the most well-rounded trip we have compiled a list of the 10 best wineries in Santorini. So, let’s get into the business of wines ( and clink away ) –

  1. Vassaltis Vineyards, Vourvoulos
  2. Hatzidakis Winery, Pyrgos Kalistis
  3. Gavalas Winery, Megalochori
  4. Estate Argyros, Episkopi Gonias
  5. Venetsanos Winery
  6. Santo Winery
  7. Domaine Sigalas
  8. Avantis Winery
  9. Koutsoyannopoulos Winery
  10. Art Space

1. Vassaltis Vineyards, Vourvoulos:

Although this is the latest winery in Santorini, this establishment makes some of the best wines on the island. It has got a new age and slick setup. The family behind these orchards has been in the business of growing grapes for generations. It was in 2010 that the management decided to test the waters and started making wines as well. Some of the wines to try here are – Pet Nat, Nasstis.

2. Hatzidakis Winery, Pyrgos Kalistis:

This entry on our list has stayed true despite the test of modern times. This establishment is family-owned and operated. In addition, the manufacturing is done with organic products exclusively. While the production process here isn’t modern. A visit here will educate you about the production, the family, and of course a tasting. It is mandatory to book an appointment to visit this vineyard. Some of the best wines to try here are – the Aidani and the well-aged Vin Santo. The old-school charm here makes it one of the best wineries to visit in Santorini.

3. Gavalas Winery, Megalochori:

A visit to Gavalas Winery will bring two things out in particular – hospitality and excellent flavours. The staff here makes you feel welcome and at home. The charm here is unmistakably rustic. It is likely that a visit here will be managed by one of the family members running the business. Some of the best wines to try here are – Katsano and Voudomato. The at-home factor and the especially sweet wines make it one of the best wineries to visit in Santorini.

4. Estate Argyros, Episkopi Gonias:

This institution boasts of being the oldest of the lot. The family here has been in the business of making wines for over centuries now. There are 2 packages on offer here for visitors. What makes this estate a great treat is that even the budget options of the products here offer good value. The wines which should be tasted here are the Vin Santo and the estate wines.

5. Venetsanos Winery:

This one boasts to offer the best flavours with a view. This establishment offers you great views of the Caldera. It is advisable to make a reservation to make the most of your visit here. One of the biggest perks of this winery is that it isn’t as busy as some of the alternatives making it an even better deal for you. With views that are hard to beat, this option is definitely one of the best wineries to visit in Santorini.

6. Santo Winery:

The Santo Winery is another option on our list if you want to take a sip of your wine with a view. One unique proposition here is that this joint is built over several levels, each offering you great views of the Caldera. It is best to make a prior reservation. What’s nice is the fact that reservations can be made online and the website is a breeze to use.

7. Domaine Sigalas:

The Domaine Sigalas offers a well-rounded experience. It will satiate the wine enthusiast in you as well as the foodie. The upside to booking a tasting here are the food options that are available. One can enjoy the finest product from its orchards with carefully prepared and tested food pairings. There are 3 packages in total on offer here. The best among the packages here offer a 6-course meal which is truly an experience not to be missed.

8. Avantis Winery:

The Avantis Winery are the new players on the scene. Don’t let that mislead you as they offer a pretty great experience ( and tasting ). The attraction here are the cooking classes that one can enroll in. In addition, they have hired Chef Yiannis Baxevanis to create a signature gastronomic experience for the visitors that come here. For the ones who like to pamper themselves, there is also a spa on offer. There are a total of 6 tasting packages available here to choose from. The luxury and the well-rounded experience make it one of the best wineries to visit in Santorini.

9. Koutsoyannopoulos Winery:

This option makes for an educational and tasty visit. This winery is also a museum. Located 8 meters underground and 300 meters long. This option is definitely a unique one from the bunch. This winery is particularly excellent if you have kids in tow. Its audio-guided tour fully explains the wine production on the island.

10. Art Space:

The last option on this list is an art gallery, wine museum, and last but not least – a winery. One can appreciate both fine art and wine here. The staff members here take special care to impart knowledge to its visitors. One walks out the door with all the details of the wines available here. This makes for one unique art-infused experience.

We hope our list of the 10 best wineries to visit in Santorini helps you plan an enjoyable journey. And if not, we suggest you check out Pickyourtrail. We offer you the best deals and offers on travel packages. You can customise your itinerary to your liking. Our travel agents assist you at every step of your journey so that you have a hassle-free journey. We wish you happy travels.

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