The Best Areas to Purchase Penthouses In Dubai

Living a posh lifestyle in a penthouse in the one-of-a-kind Dubai is a dream come true. With a skyline that progressively gets more attractive with surrounding developments designed to the best global standards, there is no doubt that residing in a Dubai penthouse is an otherworldly experience.

In case you are interested in penthouses for sale in Dubai, you should be aware of a few important differences that sets it apart from a standard flat. A penthouse is usually located at the highest floor of a posh residential tower and presents panoramic views of the nearby areas.

Since this property type is located at the highest floors, you will only find a few penthouses on each floor. These are generally commodious in size and boast unbelievable amenities. This is why penthouses are much more expensive than flats.

But nevertheless, penthouses are the jewel of apartment lifestyle, giving residents bigger space, opulence, and privacy as compared to a traditional flat. From charming sunsets to scenic sunrises, there is a lot to enjoy while purchasing or renting out a penthouse in Dubai.

If you are someone who does not want to compromise on the convenience of apartment lifestyle, but prioritize your space, owning a penthouse in iconic Dubai buildings will be perfect for you.

The Difference Between An Apartment and A Penthouse

If you desire to own a penthouse in the glamorous city of Dubai, there are some noteworthy differences that sets it apart from a traditional apartment. A penthouse is generally an epitome of luxury-splattered fairytale with some miraculous views.

Penthouses are the least available as there are only a few per floor. These are commodious in floor plans. Due to the luxurious amenities, a penthouse is way more costly than a flat.

Penthouses are without a doubt, the crown jewel of apartment lifestyle, giving the inhabitants extra privacy, space, and luxury. From charming sunsets and scenic sunrises, you can enjoy a lot while purchasing or renting out a penthouse in Dubai.

If you want to have a taste of the superior views from a top-floor apartment and have the financial resources to do so, living in a penthouse is the ultimate status symbol.

For the local and foreign investors who want to add a gorgeous penthouse into their property portfolio, this article will show you the 5 best areas in Dubai to purchase penthouses.

1.   Burj Khalifa

Anyone who is eager to own property in Burj Khalifa will definitely enjoy the unrivaled experience of residing in a penthouse in the city’s most legendary building. Aside from being the tallest skyscraper in the world, the tower is found in Dubai’s thriving tourist hub known as Downtown Dubai.

The central address of Burj Khalifa gives flawless access to the city’s public transportation links. There are lots of penthouses for sale in Burj Khalifa, including the 4-bedroom penthouses priced at AED 24 million.

2.   One at Palm Jumeirah

This ranks as the second most desirable building boasting upscale penthouses for sale in Dubai. Its address at the city’s most secluded island development proves it to be a very exclusive venture. The available penthouses here are designed by keeping the interested buyers in mind.

Some of the perks of living here include housekeeping services, spacious parking space, a private jetty, and more. Adding to its appeal are the gorgeous penthouse gardens that offer ventilation.

If you’re interested in owning a penthouse in One at Palm Jumeirah, the average cost is AED 15 million for a 3-bedroom unit, AED 16 million for 4-bedroom home, and AED 93 million for a 5-bedroom unit.

3.   Marina Gate

Marina Gate is a mix of high-rise residential buildings where some top-tier penthouses are located. The prime address in Dubai Marina district proves that Marina Gate is coveted with high-net investors.

Aside from the proximity to excellent entertainment and restaurant venues, the area also organizes numerous events for residents throughout the year.

Other facilities include sports courts, a swimming pool, gym, and security services. The simple access to other areas of the city is due to the closeness to Sheikh Zayed Road.

The penthouses for sale in Marina Gate are constructed to the highest quality. If luxurious properties are your taste, a 4-bedroom unit is priced at AED 8.9 million.

4.   Shoreline Apartments

This is among the most coveted addresses for prospective buyers who are willing to purchase penthouses for sale in Dubai. This community in Palm Jumeirah contains 20 mid-rise residential towers, giving 4-bedroom penthouses.

Each building consists of 10 floors with convenient facilities, like security system and key-card access. People living in the penthouses for sale in Shoreline Apartments are also offered unbeatable views of Arabian Gulf and The Palm, with accompanying access to a private beach.

Varying from 4,900 square feet to 5,200 square feet, the 4-bedroom penthouse for sale in Shoreline Apartments are perfect for the people who desire a waterfront, commodious home.

When it comes to price, this region brings some of the most affordable penthouses. A 4-bedroom penthouse for sale in Shoreline Apartments is priced at AED 9.8 million.

5.   The Dorchester Collection

Situated in Business Bay, The Dorchester Collection is a great place for people who want to own a penthouse in Dubai. This development is beside Dubai Canal, and presents the best seaside lifestyle.

The penthouses for sale in The Dorchester Collection come with posh amenities and facilities, like a private swimming pool, excellent furnishings, valet parking, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a lot more.

The cost to buy penthouses for sale in The Dorchester Collection is AED 16 million for a 3-bedroom unit, AED 27 million for a 4-bedroom unit, and AED 67 million for a 5-bedroom penthouse.

Aside from the above-mentioned areas, potential buyers can consider other buildings in Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Palm Jumeirah that boast a great portfolio of upscale penthouses for sale in Dubai.

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