The Benefits of Hiring a Van for Business Needs

Not all businesses need to own a van, but it is probably fair to say that all businesses need to use a van from time to time. Whatever line you are in, there comes a time when you’re gong to need to transport a quantity of something that won’t fit in the back of a car – or perhaps would make a mess of that car.

Rather than owning a vehicle you don’t often need, then, it makes sense to hire one as and when the occasion demands. The fact that you don’t know much about them is no problem at all, because a good car hire firm will also be a van hire company, with at least a few options for you to choose from.

This may be less true of the national names such as are everywhere at airports and suchlike, but wherever you live or your business is located there will be a place you can hire a van for business. Van hire Bracknell is made easy with local companies that offer cheap rates and the best fleet of vehicles.

No Sleep Till Hammersmith

The van that is legendary in this country is the Ford Transit, which rose to fame largely because in addition to the usual loads of boxes, building materials and so on, it was also the vehicle of choice for pop groups and then rock bands slogging up and down the motorways and A roads, self-contained with their amplifiers, PA systems and instruments. In the 1960s and 1970s everybody had one, from Pink Floyd to The Seekers – although The Beatles may have at least travelled by car while the road crew rolled along in the Transit. Even today, when musicians make their money through gigs rather than recording contracts, there are units of three or four hopefuls driving from a one-night stand in Middlesbrough to another in Leicester and on down to the west country.

How The Humble Van Went Posh

Standards have improved dramatically, so that when you hire a van for business today it will more than likely have decent air-conditioning and a reliable ignition system. It was inevitable that the humble van would be gentrified at least to a certain extent, because we all expect more from our vehicles now. Electric windows, a heater that doesn’t smell like an engine, a radio with decent speakers, windscreen wipers that work… the list goes on.

The names have changed, too, with the Transit challenged by everybody celebrity bio from Renault to Mercedes, so if you find yourself talking to a rental company about vans, you may be surprised at what is on offer.

Hiring a van is a simple process and a good rental company will give you all the advice you need. From something that is to all intents and purposes a Actors Bio car with a box at the back to something quite big, possibly with a Luton (where the space above the cab is used for extra capacity). A normal car licence is all that’s needed until you get up to almost the size of a lorry, and if you’re okay with using door or mirrors rather than the one above your head, anyone can get the hang of driving a van.

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