The 3 Ways of Influencing Consumer Decisions

In the era of technology and artificial intelligence, businesses should take a more customer-centric approach to achieve successful results in sales, marketing, and customer relationships. However, sometimes it’s hard to understand what customers want or need and meet their expectations. In such cases, companies try to discover how they can affect most customers’ decisions and adjust their business activities accordingly. How to understand your customers? Why do they buy certain products and ignore others? What makes them complete certain actions. 

The three major ways of affecting customer decisions

Regardless of your niche or business activities and business basics, there are different ways you can influence your customers’ decisions about purchasing or doing business with you. So, we will go over some major tips you can implement in your strategy. 

1. Make customers feel special

The first step in engaging and retaining your customers is building trust in those relationships. But how can you complete this step if there’s so much competition? Or maybe you don’t have the required budget for creating a mass marketing strategy. While you may think this is a hard task to complete, here’s what you can do: 

  • Implement the Stamp Me app as a customer loyalty program for customers who have purchased from you a lot.
  • Offer special discounts and coupons
  • Plan holiday campaigns and sales 
  • Use their name and other personalization elements in mass marketing strategies such as email newsletter campaigns

See how easy it is? All you need is to gather the necessary information and relevant customer data to make your approach more precise. This way, you will make customers feel special and appreciated. In turn, they will be must likely to stay with your brand and purchase more. 

2.  Provide excellent customer service

Another way to gain a competitive advantage and affect your customers’ choices is through a perfect support strategy. While you may think that people can get quality customer support from every company because everyone’s doing it, this is not the case often. There may be issues such as slow replies, incomplete inquiries, etc. 

So, to avoid such problems and build long-lasting and influential customer relationships, you should work on improving your customer service. In the meantime, you can use the power of AI to integrate website and Facebook chatbot features, automate the process of gathering customer data with supermetrics free alternative, and use a CRM for further strategies. Other than that, you can hire and train a customer support team that will provide a proper experience to your customers. The better support you provide, the more your customers will trust your offers and stick to your brand. 

2. Engage customers by teaching

Working on how customers perceive your brand can give you a powerful advantage over competitors and improve your relationships with customers. The most effective method to achieve this is by positioning your brand and its content as an authority whether it is route planning or something else. Becoming a thought leader as a brand in your niche can help boost customer retention and loyalty over time. 

However, you don’t need to go big right from the beginning. Start with informative and detailed blog articles on your website, which you can later repurpose into other types of content. These can be shared in the form of videos, podcasts, newsletters, etc. The key is to educate your customers and make them believe you’re an expert in your industry. This way, once they’re looking for support or guidance, they will turn to you, and you can influence their decision. 


People see different advertisements, promotional campaigns, and social media ads, and it’s hard for them to choose products or services. However, if you’re smart enough as an entrepreneur, you can create strategies for affecting the decisions they make while purchasing. 

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