The 10 Best Safe Boxes in Singapore

We all have important documents and assets to keep safe. From passports to valuables like emotional inheritance and jewelry, these are just some of the things that can be done with more security. Therefore, having a safe box in your home can be helpful in keeping your valuables safe. With a wide variety of safe boxes on the market, which is the best safe box in Singapore? With a safe box, you can safely keep your valuables in your home without having to worry. You can save on valuables like luxury watches, jewelry and money. Additionally, offices will benefit from having a safe box because you can keep important documents and actions locked and secure.

With so many safe boxes in Singapore, the question is which one should you get? do not worry; Secom did all the research for you. They provide the best safe Deposit boxes you can buy in Singapore today.

There are many types, it’s very hard to say. Don’t worry; They are here to help you properly. In this article, a list of the best safe boxes available in Singapore.

1. Yale Digital Safe Box

If you are looking for an affordable safe box, look no further than YALE Digital Safe. As YALE is also a trusted name in home security, we have no doubt that it is truly one of the best safe havens in Singapore. In terms of construction, the YALE Digital Safe is made of premium and high quality metal, so even if someone tampers with it, it won’t open easily. It may be a cheap box, but it is still one of the best fireproof boxes in Singapore.

2. SereneLife Dropbox Safe Box

The most prominent feature of the SereneLife DropBox Safe Box is its construction, which is made of strong steel wall construction. It is possible that the safe box is heavy duty, but it is easy to access and handle. No need to open it as there is a simple “drop in” window for submitting papers or bills.

3. JIJI SG Digital Safe Box

For a cheaper alternative, the JIJI SG Digital Safe Box is worth considering. It features low carbon steel and drill resistant construction, which makes it an excellent safe box! It can hold up to 32 fingerprints for quick access, but there are 6 additional options if you’re not sure if it’s secure enough. You can use a combination of passcode, manhole and fingerprint to make sure your valuables are safe so it’s almost impossible for intruders to tamper with them! This safe box contains two master keys, two emergency keys, and a user guide.

4. Protex Drop Box Safe

If you are looking for a safe box that does not take up much space at home, Protex Drop BoxSafe is a good option. It is a secure wall-mounted box that can hold letters, papers, votes, mail and even rent checks.

Protex Drop BoxSafe is not as sophisticated as the other safe boxes on our list, but it does work. It has an 8-inch slot opening that can fit legal-size papers, making it a great choice if you often deal with sensitive and confidential material.

5. NIKAWA Safe Box

The NIKAWA Safe Box is a budget-safe box that can be used in homes and offices, as well as a large amount of money, paperwork, and jewelry storage solutions. NIKAWA has been in business for almost 40 years, and is responsible for one of Singapore’s largest archives.

One of the things we’ve noticed here is the inclusion of two override keys, which can be used in an emergency. If you forget a series of digits during an emergency, make sure they are with you at all times.

6. Morris Fire Resistant Safe Box

One of the most important features of finding a safe haven is to cope with natural and man-made disasters, and thus Morris gives you a sense of security. It has a fire protection feature to ensure that your valuables survive even in the worst of circumstances.

l Material capacity up to 16L

l Removable acrylic tray

l Fire protection up to 840 degrees Celsius

It is also easy to fit and blend with the rest of the house with its fine metallic colors. The best part is knowing that your documents and other valuables are safe from fire. Get this safe box here at a discounted price.

7. Portable Digital Security Safe Box

A safe and secure digital security safe box made of solid steel to keep your valuables safe at all times. Due to its lightweight and portable design, you can bring them with you at any time.

l Solid steel construction

l Digital PIN registration

l Magnetic locks

l Backup codes

l Product warranty

This product is just the perfect size to keep your documents and small valuables safe. No more worries about robbers

8. Luxury Digital Depository Drop Cash Safe Box

Offers one of the most comprehensive packages for a secure box, including extension patches. It also comes with several access options.

l Access mode: key or passcode

l Moisture proof

l Built-in LED light

l Comes with its own ride keys.

Buying it online will include carpets, keys and a manual throughout the packages.

9. Hotel Quality Digital Infinite Safe Box

Hotel Quality Digital Infinite Safe Box is designed to protect your money, jewelry laptop, keys, papers, and other valuables. Apply it to the cabinet or wall, then feel confident in the revolutionary locking system with double deadbolt mechanism.

In addition, it has interior door body design for the smallest possible difference between the door and the body, as well as solid steel bolt hinges that confirm its durability. The bright phone style pad makes this safe box easy to use with 4 AA batteries.

10. Tessa Tiger Deluxe Commercial Safe Box

The Tessa Tiger Safety Box is probably one of the most beautiful looking safe boxes in the world. This is one of the biggest safe havens we’ve been looking at, so if you’re planning on storing more than just cash and documents, this is a great option. From the inside, it is designed with a stylish PU interior. One of the reasons we consider it one of the best safe havens in Singapore is that it can be opened in 7 different ways. The new twin engine also comes with a biometric fingerprint system that can record up to 32 fingerprints.

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