Technical Parameters and Working of Electric Hydraulic Pumps:

The article will help you to get different characteristics of the hydraulic pump. These hydraulic pumps are considered super quality for industrial sector. These pumps will do your work quickly and get it done effectively. One can achieve several advantages with the help of pump. As you will take the best result for every thing after the usage of hydraulic pumps. The facility related to transportation, production, certificate, and status of the product will take you towards the electric pumps. Let’s have a look on some specific things of the pump in detail below:

What does the term electric hydraulic pump stand for? 

The term electric Hydraulic pump stands the working with the help of an electric motor. These hydraulic pumps will easily get found in every part as they perform different functions. Whether we talk about the small part of the large things, they will do all the work in a short period. They perform different functions like drifting the heavy system, turning the shaft, drilling the holes, and many other functions.

These are the special pumps designed with the two levels of pressure. One is high pressure, and the other one is low pressure. This electric hydraulic pump will perform the functions at a good speed at both levels. The pumps also include the manual and pedal types. You will get 2 m of oil pipe in it. Every six months, you have to replace the electric Hydraulic pump so that it will perform its functions effectively. The motor power of the pump is .75 and 1.5. And it also has a good tank capacity that will store about 10 L of oil.

Pascal’s law’s principle states that these hydraulic pumps will help the transfer the fluid from one place to another. And it is seen that when we apply it in a lesser area, it will get converted into a bigger force.

Characteristics of electric hydraulic pump:

The hydraulic pumps are one of the best pumps that will help you transfer the liquid from one position to another. These pumps will start their work after shifting liquid from one position to another. Here we will see some other characteristics of the electric Hydraulic pump that will help you know about the pumps in detail.

  • These pumps will work along with the power packs of hydraulics so that the cables will get connected properly.
  • The brand of these machines is QIAN YUAN.
  • Every month there is a good production of hydraulic machines. All about 100 PCS will get manufactured in a month.
  • You will get the delivery of the products by all modes of transportation,i.e., land, air, and sea.
  • At the time of receiving the goods, you will see the good packaging of the material in a wooden box.
  • And within 5-10 days, you will receive the goods after placing the order.

Get the pumps at a reasonable price and make your workings easy. You will use the pumps after their trial. So without thing, take it and initiate your work.

Technical parameters  Hydraulic pumps:

Technical parameters of electric Hydraulic pumps are present to show the different things.

1. Technical parameter 1:

  • Technical parameter 1 consists of product no 10060 and the XYL-80 A model. 
  • The engine of the hydraulic tool work with electricity. 
  • The high pressure of the model is 80, and the low pressure is 2. 
  • The net weight of this model is 29 kg. And it has 7.5 as its oil stock.

2. Technical parameter 2:

  • Technical parameter 2 consists of product no 10061 and the XYL-80 B model. 
  • The engine of this parameter is electric. 
  • The high pressure of the model is 80, and the low pressure is 2. 
  • The net weight of this model is 30 kg. And it has 7.5 as its oil stock.

Working of electric hydraulic pump:

These hydraulic pumps consist of cylinder pairs that will interconnect with each other. After the interconnection, they will indulge each other with the oil that is filled into its tank. On both sides, there is a presence of the pistons that will help in the maintenance of the fluid. After the transmission of certain pistons, the pressure will transmit the fluid, and according to the Pascal law, it will get transmitted to the other functions.

The electric pumps will create the fluid by its pumping with the help of the hydraulic system. After it, the fluid will indulge in the cylinder’s valve, and the energy will get itself converted to mechanical energy. And when there is a need for the fluid, the particular valve will perform its functions and relieve it.

The hydraulic system consists of five elements: the driver, the pump, the control valves, the motor, and the load. The engine may be an electric motor or an engine of any type. The pump acts mainly to increase pressure. Below are some points that will help you know how this electric Hydraulic pump will work.

  • The electric motor present in the pumps will help in giving the power to the pumps.
  • The reservoir present in the electric Hydraulic pump will help hold the fluid.
  • These pumps will push the fluid into the system and later convert it into hydraulic power energy.
  • With the help of the different valves present, it controls the fluid.

Different types of electric pumps are present, and all these pumps will help make things simpler for the user. The user will perform several functions with the help of pumps. And one main thing is that all the different pumps will perform similar functions.


It is considered that many electric Hydraulic pumps are present that will help in the functioning of the different functions. All the work will get done quickly with the help of these pumps. All these pumps are present at a reasonable price, and the working of these pumps is also very simple and quick. You will not get any difficulty when getting or using the pumps. 

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