Strategies to Be Aware of When Playing Fantasy Cricket Online

Fantasy cricket is one of the most popular virtual gaming platforms in India. The phenomena came into existence over a decade but became popular over the last few years. Fantasy cricket has become one of the pastime activities for cricket enthusiasts. During the 2020 Lockdown Period, fantasy cricket has witnessed a mammoth augmentation in the number of users playing the game. Since then, the number has continued to rise. Fantasy cricket saw growing popularity among Indian cricket enthusiasts because the craze for the sport is unparalleled as compared to other sports in the country. 

Fantasy cricket is a platform where every user can create a virtual team of 11 years to participate in a contest or a league. It gives an opportunity for the players to unleash their passion and understanding of the sport by playing the game. Moreover, cricket fans can make use the best use of their knowledge in order to defeat their opponents and win exciting cash rewards. Fantasy cricket has created a market for fantasy sports operators who offer various services such as player data, statistics, and analysis. Certainly, fantasy cricket not just grew exponentially but changed the way fans engaged with the sport. 

However, merely playing fantasy cricket won’t help you win the league or contest. You need to have a plan and strategies in place in order to get better off your opponents. There are certain strategies that you can apply while playing fantasy cricket. 

Here are strategies one has to be aware of while playing fantasy cricket 

  • Choose A Performing Player 

While selecting the team in Fantasy Cricket, make sure that you pick performing players rather than the reputation of the players. Oftentimes, users choose the players with good reputations without even knowing whether they are going to perform or not. Reputations won’t help you earn points but the performance of the players does. Therefore, it is important to pick those players who could perform at any given stage or situation. Importantly, you need to avoid looking at the stats of the players. Instead, go through the recent performance of the players as it will give you a fair idea of who will perform for your team in Fantasy Cricket. 

  • Captain and Vice-captain 

One needs to be meticulous while selecting a Captain and Vice-captain in your team. The Captain gets 2x of points and Vice-captain gets 1.5x of points for each run scored by them. So, you need to pick those two players who can help you earn extra points based on their real-life performances. Oftentimes, the users randomly pick the captain and vice-captain of the team and in most cases, they won’t win extra points. Therefore, it’s important to select the captain and vice-captain of the team based on their recent form, the venue of the match, and the opposition they are facing. 

  • Assess The Pitch Condition 

Before you pick the players in your fantasy cricket team, make sure that you assess the condition of the pitch. Pitch condition is essential in Fantasy Cricket as it may have an effect on players’ performance. If the pitch is flat, the batsmen are likely to score high score runs and bowlers might struggle to take wickets. If the pitch is bouncy, then the advantage would be for the bowlers as they can the wickets while batsmen may struggle to score runs. Considering the condition of the pitch while selecting players for Fantasy Cricket may have a significant impact in the outcome of the game. 

  • Analyse The Opponent Team 

One of the most important strategies in Fantasy Cricket is to analyse the opposition team. Oftentimes, users never evaluate the performance of the opposition and thus they don’t get a fair idea of whom to pick in their Fantasy Cricket team. It is important to keep an eye on the opposition team’s performance. Observe the composition of the team and try to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, check out their recent performances and see if they are going to make any conservative or risky choices in their team selection. This can give you an idea of how they might play in the current match.

  • Do your Research 

Many times, users do not do any research and they end up randomly choosing the players in their Fantasy Cricket team. Therefore, the players both the match as well as the money. Research is very important in Fantasy Cricket as it would give you a fair idea of whom to pick in your team. A well-known strategy has often been overlooked by Fantasy Cricket users. Research is the most beneficial tool when it comes to creating a team. The research includes recent forms of teams and players, head-to-head records of teams, venue analysis, pitch reports, key player battles, and best team performances.c

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