Stop Being the Slave of Deadly Chemicals!

Alcohol and drugs have made a large number of populations of human beings as their slaves. Young ones and adults specifically are becoming a target of drugs due to their habits. They are busy getting high and do not care about the consequences of the drug’s use. Celebrations in the old times were considered an occasion of having a good time together with friends and family but now it has become all about smoking, weeding and drinking. How it all starts?


Starting from smoking, cigarettes are no big deal for the communities today. They smoke it in a very casual manner. It has become part of their routine lives like food. Such people do not consume any drink and meal without the consumption of cigarettes. All of us are fully aware of the consequences of cigarettes. It destroys the lungs of the smoker. Enough awareness campaigns took place but still, people ignore it. Even the pack of cigarettes displays the condition of the lungs. Anyhow, usually the step starts from smoking which in case of addiction makes a person a chain smoker. Such a person does not care about how many packs he consumes in a day. A point comes when a person no longer feels any effect of a cigarette. And as a result, he moves to drugs.

Drug use

After smoking, people reach the next level for fulfilling their needs. The next level is the use of drugs and making it a part of your routine. Drug use takes the person to a state of sickness. That is why addiction to drugs is not termed as a habit but a disease. Drugs destroy the condition of a person mentally and physically. They are unable to think purposefully and decisively, also their mind functioning starts depending on the use of drugs. Drugs make the life of a person very difficult. At the start, people enjoy the feeling of becoming high and they think that they were missing out on something amazing in their lives. With time, the addiction increases, and people get compelled to increase their dose of drugs. With time, the condition gets worse and they start injecting the drugs into their veins. Some very common and popular drugs include:

§  Ice

§  Bathe salts

§  Marijuana

§  Heroin

§  Cocaine

As we were discussing the impact of drugs on human bodies, they destroy a person’s life in all aspects. First of all, drugs take away morals and ethical values. Many addicts are the ones who are involved in street crimes. Why is that so? People with addiction are left with no money. Drugs are not a cheap addiction. It causes an expensive amount to buy them. Also, drugs are illegal so people who consume drugs have to involve in illegal activities for getting access to drugs. Such people do snatching; rob the money of others, sell out the expensive belonging of their families, etc. They are out of their mind and come to a point where they can do and perform every illegal act for the sake of drugs. Next, the attack by drugs is on physical health. The functioning of the mind is no more dependent on the person himself. The drugs start controlling the mind. It will not be wrong to say that the remote of life gets on the hands of drugs. The person’s ability to think and perform is no more in his hands. The drug’s first attack is on the brain as it slows the functioning of the brain. With time, the person is under the control of drugs. Lastly, drugs attack the physical health of the individual. The physical appearance becomes weak, skinny, and pale. The eyes of such individuals are reddish. Their sleep cycle makes them insomniac patients. They feel internal weakness while doing physical activity. They lose interest in their favorite physical habits and are mostly found in the gatherings where a group of friends is doing drugs.  In short, their life motto becomes drugs use only.

Drug Detox-A way to a new start of life

Above, we mentioned and discussed that how a person gets on the way of drugs. Every problem has a solution. Similarly, in the case of drugs, we have cures and treatment for drugs, and the process is known as drug detox. In this process, the individual or his family decides to get him to admit to a hospital setting where his addiction will be treated like any other illness or disease. A proper admittance process occurs where a person’s condition is tested. Everything is assessed including the physical and mental condition. After the testing process, the detoxification process takes place that is all about cleaning the body and gets the body free from toxins. Drugs damage the body and organs in it so it is necessary to get rid of the withdrawal process and symptoms. The drug detox centers focus on two things mainly:

        i.            Medical Treatment

      ii.            Psychiatric treatment

Detoxification is part of medical treatment. The person is no more allowed to have drugs. He faces pain and other issues because the body has become habitual of the drug need. When the body does not get the drug dose, the patient suffers from painful withdrawal symptoms but the team at the detox center makes sure that the individual remains in a comfortable state. This is the reason why this treatment is not recommended in-home setting. The symptoms at home cannot be handled on their own. The staff at the center is experienced enough to tackle such symptoms. The staff is fully trained and masters in their field. They know how to control the feelings and emotions of the individual. Medication is also given to the patient in this phase. Next, the treatment focuses on mental functioning or psychiatric treatment as the drugs widely affect the mental processing of the human being. The individual in this phase is handed over to a psychologist and other doctors who are experts in counseling. They help in triggering the factors that compel the person to consume drugs. To know more, browse VSM Detox Austin.

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