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Crackle is a free video streaming service that is supported by advertisements. The service was founded in 2004 and was formerly known as Grouper or Sony Crackle. In 2006, the company was acquired by Sony Pictures. Today, Crackle is a part of Sony’s online entertainment network.


Crackle is an on-demand streaming service that offers a diverse library of movies and TV shows. You can watch free films from the ’90s and more recent blockbusters and thrillers. The streaming platform also features original series. It offers a wide variety of categories, including drama, comedy, action, and horror.

Although it has no fees, Crackle does offer ads. For example, it serves an ad before each movie you watch. However, it has fewer ads than some other streaming services. There are no contracts, no memberships, and no limits on the amount of time you can watch.

Crackle also has a great selection of classic films. You can watch classics like Talladega Nights, Midnight Run, and Training Day. These movies have won many awards. In addition, the service features many films that have been shown on TNT.

TV shows

Crackle offers free streaming movies and TV shows. If you’re a fan of action, comedies, or classic television, Crackle has something for you. The company has a diverse selection of original content, from original series to movies to syndicated television. You can watch it on computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TVs.

While Crackle does offer original content, it’s best known for its library of classic TV shows. The service is particularly strong in the genre of sitcoms, with a lineup that includes Seinfeld, Third Rock from the Sun, and Charlie’s Angels.

The Crackle app is well organized. There are categories such as “Movies,” “New on Crackle,” and “Sci-Fi and Fantasy,” among others. In the app, you can browse through videos based on categories, and you can also search for specific shows.


Crackle is a streaming service with a lot of content. It offers movies, TV shows and comedy genre. You can access it on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

While Crackle is not as big as Netflix, it provides a variety of options. Users can sign up for a free account or opt to pay for a subscription. The site features some of the most popular TV shows and movies, including The Last Knight, Melancholia and Vice.

In addition to movies and shows, Crackle offers originals. These include a series called SuperMansion, a stop-motion animated comedy. The show stars Jillian Bell and Bryan Cranston.

Crackle is available on computers, tablets and mobile devices, as well as many smart TVs. There are many different genres, including drama, action and horror. Some of the originals are of high quality.

Search function

Crackle is a free, ad-supported streaming service that offers a large selection of TV shows and movies. In addition to the usual suspects, such as HBO and Netflix, Crackle boasts original programming as well. It also provides subtitles in English.

Although Crackle doesn’t have a feature that is particularly impressive, it does have an ad-free user interface. This means you won’t have to deal with pop-up ads every fifteen minutes, as is the case with other ad-supported services.

Crackle also has an Always on feature, which allows you to search for a show while you’re watching another one. That’s a big deal in a streaming service, and the app does a great job of showcasing it.

However, this feature isn’t available on all Crackle content. You can’t subscribe to a section of Crackle to have it stream to you as it is, but you can use the Watch Later function to save a title for later viewing.

Streaming devices

Crackle is a free streaming service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows. It is also available on a number of devices. Some of these devices include the PlayStation 3, Xbox, smart televisions, mobile phones, computers, and more. You can access Crackle through a website, mobile app, or web browser.

The streaming service has an impressive library of movies, TV shows, and more. Moreover, it has licensing agreements with several major players in the entertainment industry. Examples of licensing deals include Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Miramax, and MGM.

With a Crackle account, you can set parental controls, watch shows later, skip commercials, and select subtitles for TV episodes. You can also customize your video library’s menu.

If you live in the United States, you can get access to Crackle for free. However, you will need to provide your date of birth, gender, and email address. This information will allow you to create an account and tag shows as favorites.

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