Signs A Debt Collector Is Irritated With You 

When you owe money to someone, and you are not able to make regular payments, it can be a stressful situation. If your debt goes into collection, a collector may contact you every now and then to ask for the payments. They may call, text, email, or even visit you at your place. 

It goes without saying that if a collector does not receive the payments on time, they may start to get irritated with you. The worst thing that can happen in such a situation is that you will receive a lawsuit from them. This is why it is important to recognize the signs early and correct the situation. Speak to a Chicago debt defense attorney today. 

Signs a debt collector is irritated with you. 

  • You are not making payments. 

It is evident that if you do not make the payments on time, or if you do not make the total payment that is due, a collector may get irritated with you. They usually give you several chances to pay the dues before they start becoming angry. If you notice a change in their tone when they repeatedly ask for payments, take it as a sign. 

If you keep forgetting to pay, set reminders on your phone so you do not miss them. You can also negotiate with the collector to lower the debt if the amount is too much for you. You may be surprised to find that many collectors are willing to reduce the debt by up to 30%. 

  • The collector is threatening you. 

The first thing to remember is that debt collectors are not allowed to threaten you or use physical force or become violent. It is important that you learn your rights under the FDCPA to protect yourself from such tactics. However, they can still legally call and text you to ask for the payments and like this site that talks about commercial debt collection threaten to sue you. 

If the collector has used words like, “If you do not pay, we will sue you,” then take it as a big sign that they are irritated with you. They can take legal action, file a lawsuit against you for not paying, and make related threats. 

  • They are calling you more often. 

If you do not pay, it is common to receive calls and texts more often than when you used to pay regularly. You may even notice a change of tone in their voice and messages when this happens. However, remember that it is illegal for a collector to call you multiple times during the day with the intention of annoying you. 

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