Should You Hire Professional Movers To Move A Piano?

Moving a piano, especially the older, bulky, and expensive models, can be stressful. Considering the sensitive mechanical parts inside the instrument, delicate and its safety during the relocation is a foremost concern. Even if you’re just moving the piano from one room to another, it will require at least two people. Much more if you’re relocating it across the city or to a different state. Contact Our Experienced North Charleston Piano movers Today (843) 960-3558.

It can be very tempting to DIY move a piano because of the costs of hiring professional movers. However, damaging your piano and having it fixed proves more expensive. Working with experienced, insured piano is highly recommended. These professionals can help streamline the process, ensure the safety of your instrument, and relieve your stress.

Still unsure whether to hire professional piano movers? Check out these top reasons why you should.

Avoid breaking the piano – and your back

Pianos come in odd shapes and weigh heavy which makes moving them difficult. This is particularly true when it involves narrow hallways, tight corners, and through stairs. Attempting to move the piano by yourself puts the piano and yourself in danger. With just one wrong step, you can either break the piano or hurt your back.

A grand piano can weigh around 1,000 pounds – or even more. It’s impossible to do the move solo without breaking your back. Most likely, you’ll need a team of four or six people to be able to lift the piano and load it onto the truck.

You don’t want to wait for a mishap to happen. Hiring professional movers ensures adequate manpower for the project. The team comes equipped with the proper tools for the move. They also use professional packaging, lifting, and transport techniques to keep the piano safe throughout the process. But most importantly, it will prevent potential injuries that can send you to the hospital.

Save money

At the outset, hiring piano movers might mean extra costs. But when you look deeper, you actually save a lot. Here’s how.

A grand piano typically costs around $20,000 which makes it among the most expensive musical instruments. Aside from its hefty price tag, it usually comes with sentimental value that can be hard to quantify. When planning to DIY move the piano, it’s best to weigh the cost of professional movers against the entire worth of the piano. Dropping the piano and damaging it could translate into tens of thousands of losses. Most often, the cost of hiring a piano moving company is way less than the worth of such an invaluable belonging.

And even if the musical instrument is only partly damaged, piano repairs could mean hefty sums ranging from $150 for tuning services to as much as $5,000 for full piano restoration. Take note, however, that some parts are not always available, rendering your piano useless for quite some time.

Additionally, piano movers work methodically to avoid damage to your old or new residence. Before the move, they will inspect and measure the corridors and doors along the path to make a sound plan. Padding the edges of the piano also helps avoid scraping walls, denting doors, or causing other damage which could mean additional repair expenses.

Considering all of these potential expenses, hiring professional movers is well worth the cost.

Well-experienced movers

Experience is a critical factor when it comes to piano moving. Aside from its exterior beauty, the instrument houses thousands of piano moving features, which are delicate and complex mechanical parts that can be damaged easily. Professional movers know the different types and models of piano, as well as, how to handle each type.

There are specific techniques for disassembly, packing, and immobilizing the moving parts. These are all vital in ensuring the integrity of both the exterior and interior piano parts. With professional movers, the team knows what they are doing and can guarantee quality service.

Proper moving vehicle

Not all trucks are capable of loading and transporting an awkwardly-shaped and heavy piano. A pickup truck or any other open truck is not suitable for this project. Hiring a professional piano moving company ensures that the proper equipment and truck are used. Aside from using an appropriately sized truck, the vehicle comes with features for stabilizing the instrument during transport. They will ensure the piano is properly padded and secured so that it can wither possible road hazards.

DIY moving the piano may not provide the same level of security and protection. While there are available trucks for rent, you might not find an adequate truck with the right size, weight capacity, and tie-downs to secure your piano during the trip. And even if you find a suitable truck, you might be inexperienced at the proper way of stabilizing the piano.

If you are still wondering whether to hire professional movers or not, hopefully, the reasons discussed above can help you make the right decision.

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