Should One Use Tezbox Wallets?

If one is interested in investing or buying and selling cryptocurrencies, they might be thinking of getting Tez, a popular currency that is being delegated by millions. And to hold Tez, people need crypto wallets. 

What is a crypto wallet? A crypto wallet is a digital or a hardware wallet that has the capability to store one’s digital assets, in this case, cryptocurrency. 

One of the most popular crypto wallets that caught the attention of millions of people around the globe is Tezbox. It was one of the earliest wallets that the Tezos community introduced. 

All of the cryptocurrency markets have recognized Tezbox as one of the safe and secure crypto-wallets. Therefore there is no problem with using Tezbox if one is starting with cryptocurrency. 

Users have 100% control over their Tezbox wallets

Tezbox, unlike other crypto wallets, gives its users complete transparency in handling their assets and digit currency. That means, where people have to trust the methods of other crypto wallets, the Tezbox wallet allows its users to make payments, manage their accounts, and handle transactions on their own. 

The Tezbox allows the customers to configure their account whether they want to set up encryption, conduct their operations, or change the account information. 

This transparency sets the Tezbox wallet apart from the other crypto wallets. Therefore, newcomers and veterans, both prefer the Tezbox wallet. 

As stated previously, through Tezbox wallet, one can handle their entire system. Once an individual is signed up with Tezbox, they can buy or sell digital assets through the same platform. It has different sections such as trader, payment, or collections to handle the digital assets. 

How to register with the Tezbox wallet and start to get Tezos tokens or Tez

Most of the crypto wallets have functions that are only limited to the storage of cryptocurrency. However, the Tezbox wallet contains many applications and services one needs to get started. Therefore, the Tezbox comes with a whole package where the users wouldn’t need to install another application for a particular task. 

Registering with the Tezbox platform is simple. One has to open their official website and click on “Create Account.” Once done terms and conditions page may display, read all of the terms and conditions properly. If there is no problem, click on “Accept.”

A form is needed to be filled out to register on the Tezbox platform. This form filling is done through three steps:

  • Create a seed of 15 words:

After accepting the terms and conditions, the form application will prompt the potential customer to add a 15 words seed in the input box. Not only the words matter in the seed but also the order one types in should be saved in the same order. 

It is a part of the security that the Tezboxplatform offers. If one is not confident in remembering the 15-word seed in the same order, it is advisable to write it down somewhere. Another thing one should never do is misplace that seed words. If they do so, not only they will lose access to their Tezbox wallet account, but also the funds and digital assets that were present in the account will be l.

  • Generate a key:

Another step is as crucial as the previous one. Here one has to generate or create a key. This key will help the individual to login into their Tezbox wallet account every time they log out. 

Although there is a way to recover this key, it is advisable to write it down along with the 15-word seed so that the user won’t forget it. 

  • Include the Tezbox wallet in the blockchain:

There is no point in creating a Tezbox wallet account if one’s wallet isn’t included in the blockchain. To include the wallet in the blockchain, the Tezos community offers the users an application called Tzsxan.

All one has to do is scan their wallet via Tzscan, and if everything went well and the information is all correct, the Tzscan will handle all the procedures and include the user’s Tezbox wallet in the blockchain.

It might take a few minutes, so don’t rush things and have patience. 

  • Get the tokens:

After getting verified and getting included in the blockchain, all that is left to add funds in the Tezbox wallet and get one’s first Tez or Tezos tokens!

Why do people the Tezbox wallet over others?

The Tezbox wallet is one of the most secured and widely used crypto wallets. Not only it keeps one’s cryptocurrency safe but also provides people a platform to increase their digital assets. 

As Tezos is one of the cryptocurrencies that is traded all over the globe,Tezbox creates wallets that are decentralized and offer people to have full control over their owned Tezos. 

Hence the Tezbox wallet is made by the Tezos community themselves. It is right to use the Tezbox wallet since the community knows their stuff and what they are doing inside out. 

The Tezbox wallet is dependent upon the Ledger and trezor technologies. These technologies help the Tezbox wallet be one of the most secure and private wallets to keep the digital assets. 

The Tezbox wallet can be accessed from any platform such as desktop, mobile phone, or laptop. It supports all the devices. 

It even has its own blockchain network for trading and buying or selling crypto assets. Now, this network is maintained by the Tezos community itself. Therefore, people don’t need to join any insecure third-party networks or any centralized networks where their digital assets might be under threat. 

The users can easily access, upgrade and manage their Tezbox wallet account because it provides the users with a user-friendly graphical user interface. 

Final thoughts

The Tezbox wallet is one of the dominating crypto wallets in the market currently. The Tezbox wallet stands as one of the most secure and safe options to save one’s cryptocurrencies in the world. 

The unique features that the Tezbox wallet has to offer cannot be found in any other wallets, therefore, if one is thinking of investing in digital assets and wants to shift their crypto wallets, the Tezbox wallet is a great choice!

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