SEO Risks to Take and SEO Risks to Avoid

To begin with, risks are what helps people to grow. Without taking risks, your business or your company can not grow any further. Your company will need promotions. And generally to achieve these promotions you might need to take some risks. Now, taking risks is not easy. As your whole career depends on it. Even a minor problem can lead you to a big loss. As a result, you need to learn the risks you should take and risks you should avoid. Taking a risk does not mean that you need to rush it off. If you want to run a business, and you have a good strategy you are halfway to your success. Similarly, you need to strategize your risk to achieve the goal you need. Here are some of the risks you should take and should avoid for your better Affordable SEO services in Delhi.

SEO Risks To Take:

  • Designing or Redesigning your website and Optimizing UX;

Generally, creating a website is not enough. Your website will talk about your brand, so it becomes important for you to make your website appealing to the clients. And redesigning your website is one way of it. You should make sure that every part of your website is attracting or calling your customers. Now, many SEO beginners are scared to make changes to your website. Mainly because they fear that Google will penalize them. However, these things only happen when you delete important pages or leave some errors in code. So, if you are aware of what you are doing, there is nothing to fear in modifying the website. Google encourages website owners who constantly try to improve their UX. A SEO Leicester expert reminds us that Google is a business that wants to retain users and keep them coming back to their platform, so their main objective is to offer its audience high quality and relevant content. Thus, if your website is poorly designed, Google will keep your website at the lowest. In conclusion, make sure that your website is redesigned enhancing your online presence.

  • Having Qualitative backlinks. (Offering/Receiving);

As you are aware, backlinks play the role of backbone in the Search Engine Optimization industry. Usually, just to higher up authority, many marketers add backlinks. Bad quality backlinks can affect your website and it also lowers the rating of search engines on your website. As a result, when you have good and high-quality backlinks, the search engine rating on your website will be high. When you have a spammy link, it can affect your website in a bad way. So, you must always invest in high-quality backlinks for your website. Having high-quality backlinks helps you in securing the first rank on the search engines. These high quality backlinks are created by SEO Experts like Sandeep Mehta. Lastly, you might have heard that having more links than others can rank up your website page. However, this myth is only incorrect. The only right way to increase your search engine ranking is Quality backlinks. It is the risk you should take. 

  • Changing the URL structure of your website;

Generally, many owners are very cautious when it comes to modifying the structure of their URLs. Similarly, you might be more cautious too. But, if your website needs a modified URL structure, you should not be afraid to do so. You can make any changes you want, but make sure that you do it properly. For example, if you are modifying your URL, make sure that you locate a 302 redirect so that any links to your page will likely follow to the new location.

SEO Risks To Avoid:

  • Disallowing Neutral backlinks for your website;

To begin with, a neutral backlink is a link that won’t help your website but also won’t hurt your website. Now Google has distributed websites in many categories. Such as the natural players and the obsessed players. Usually, neutral backlinks will not give you the boost your website needs. But it will also not create any issues for your websites such as Google’s penalties. Generally, with the recent Google update, it is difficult for any site to get punished by Google for some spiteful backlinks. The backlinks on your website will only be identified as spam or low-quality when Google takes some action on your website. If your website is not surveyed by Google or no action is taking place on your website, the backlinks will remain safe. Such backlinks will not boost your search engine ranking but they will be safe for your website. You can easily disallow certain links. Although, you need to be careful. If you mistakenly disallow all the neutral links on your website, you might block some important sites too. Especially the sites that might have helped you in boosting your ranking. 

  • Deleting Content or Deleting Entire Pages;

For example, your company has stopped selling a specific product. Now, it is likely that you will think of deleting that page or content. But it is the silliest thing you can do. Mainly because, when you delete that page or the content, the keywords associated with it also get deleted. In addition to that, the keywords of your URLs also get deleted. This can lower the ranking of your website on the search engine. So, instead of risking your search engine ranking, you should consider keeping the page on your website. Even though the product has been stopped from selling. Another thing you can do is simply redirect your clients to the other similar page  

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