School Trip to Fiji Islands

School and college trips are one of the most memorable parts of one’s life. To make it even more memorable, Fiji schoolies are in order! Fiji has always been a scenic and serene place with the joys of nature combined. Here’s what to pack and expect during a Fiji trip.

Firstly, make sure to carry all the essentials. This includes toiletries, sanitary, and keeping today’s pandemic in mind- a mask and hand sanitiser too. These are some things that are available everywhere, but it’s always better to carry preferred items beforehand.

Clothing: Fiji’s a very temperate region with scorching sunlight and beaches all around. Pack light and less. Since there are many beaches and a good chance of getting wet, carry extra pairs of everything. Clothes like shorts or sundresses are always preferred. Carry straw hats or beach hats for protection against the sun. Bring sunscreen to avoid sunburns and rashes. Sunglasses are always the best coolant for the eyes. Fiji also has trekking spots; this may require trekking attire and gears too.

Electronics: A camera has become an essential part of our lives. A trip like Fiji would surely require pictures. A laptop, adapter, and chargers are required too. Carry waterproof phone cases to protect your phone.

Paperwork: A trip to any place would require carrying all the necessary paperwork safely, like the passport and visa. Since these are of utmost importance, keep them next to you always.

Beach essentials: Fiji has many water sports and adventures. Carry swimming goggles, beach shoes, and swimwear.

First aid: Always carry extra band-aids and basic first aid for any emergencies during the trip. This could range from common cold/headache medicines to body pain sprays.

Other necessary stuff: It’s always best to carry tote bags for a change of clothes, raincoats, insect repellents and medication for any allergies or otherwise during the trip to avoid purchase at the spot.

Fiji is an amazing tourist spot filled with attractions to visit. They are very famous for a widespread coral reef on Viti Levu. One can always expect to go snorkelling or deep-sea diving on a vast island like this. The marine life is so extensive and diverse, with many creatures exclusive to Fiji. Fiji provides scuba experiences with the manta rays too. It is a safe experience and a rare one at that.

Fiji is filled with smaller islands and gardens in its midst. Each place is unique on its own so make sure you visit all the must-see sites. It is moderately expensive, but with the souvenirs to buy, there will be no need to look at money after. Fiji has many borrowed cultures from its people from all over the world. It is very interesting to see a manifold of religions that people practise. The museums are well kept and educational. For someone on a grad trip, it might be interesting to learn other traditions through museums.

Their eco-parks showcase the variety of flora and fauna with the animals indigenous to the area. They have sand dunes that extend for miles and even have a national park built on them. Fiji is so undisturbed by the world, and Fiji schoolies will definitely be a great stress relief for youngsters.

Fiji is also known for its hidden caves and beaches. They’re caves but into the ground. These connect to the main beaches. They’re secluded and calming for tourists. Suva, the capital of Fiji, has glorious architecture so different from the rest. The food is cooked traditionally in most places to give tourists the complete Fiji package of authentic food and the pick of the brunch memories.

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