Rummy Games – a Coming Rage and How to Play Deals Rummy

With variations from all over the world, people are increasingly showing their interest in playing rummy games. To make you clear, rummy is not a game of luck but a game of skills and knowledge. People who love playing card games are in awe of the opportunity that rummy games provide to them. Rummy games are actually card games. These card games are different in different parts of the world. However, some parts of the game are more or less similar. In these card melding games, a player aims to meld the cards which he has in hand into specific sequences and sets either by drawing cards or by discarding them. One thing you should keep in mind is that rummy is not merely a gambling thing but a clever game of prediction and making use of your IQ. Like any type of sport, you will need some skills to advance your rummy gameplay.

13 card rummy

Rummy games have different formats. Some of them are more popular than others. One standard format that is played by almost all the players in the country is the 13 card rummy. The format is called so because, under this game, each player in the gameplay gets 13 cards. The format also has numerous types. Deal rummy is one such famous kind. Here’s a quick guide about how you can play deals rummy.

How to play deals rummy

Deals rummy has a proper format where the game begins by allocating chips at the beginning for a pre-decided number of deals. After one deal is done, one player wins all the chips allocated in the beginning. As such, the player with the maximum number of chips at the end is the winner of the deal. Some rules of deals rummy are :-

  • The game has two formats. One is best of 2 deals, which is played between 2 players, and the second is best of 3 deals, which is played between a total of 6 players.
  • In the best of 2 deals, each player gets 160 chips each, while in the best of 3 deals, each player gets 240 chips.
  • A game is won when you make at least two sequences. One of that sequences should be pure. You group your remaining cards into sets and sequences and try to declare before your opponent. The number of points your opponent has when you declare will decide how many chips you will win. 
  • The best of 2 deals have two deals, while the best of 3 deals have three deals.
  • The player who is first fulfilling the above condition of the rummy objective of having a pure sequence and an impuresequence can ask for a show. 
  • The winner gets chips from the losing player depending upon the points. The losing player’s score is calculated by adding points of the ungrouped cards that are not grouped as sets or sequences.

The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the entry fees by the number of players. A playship fee is deducted to get the final winning amount.

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