Robin Uthappa Admits To Feeling Emotional About Calling Mahendra Singh Dhoni, “Mahi Bhai.” 

Chennai Super Kings opener, Robin Uthappa recently claimed that addressing his colleague, Mahendra Singh Dhoni as “Mahi Bhai” was difficult for him. Uthappa claimed on Ravichandran Ashwin’s YouTube channel that he discussed it with Dhoni. In response, the former India captain told Uthappa that he could call him by any pleasing name. Robin Uthappa, the CSK opener, exclaimed with great respect in his voice that it was a great feeling, and it was difficult for him to  do this. Also, it was challenging to address him as Mahi Bhai. 

He used to call him Mahi, MS, when he first met MS Dhoni. After 10-12 or 13 years, when Robin reconnected with him, he asked him what he should call him, as he wasn’t sure about what he was talking about. He thought it inappropriate for him to address MS Dhoni as Mahi Bhai as he was referred to as that by everyone around him. To this, MS Dhoni replied calmly that Robin could call him MS, Mahi, or whatever he wanted to call him, and it would depend on Robin only. This quickly became a raging Cricket news

Robin Meets Dhoni For The First Time

He recalls meeting Dhoni for the first time during the Challenger Trophy in 2004. Sridhar Sriram, a former Cricketer now a coach, introduced Uthappa to the Ranchi-born Cricketer. In 2004, Robin met MS Dhoni for the first time when he was in Bombay for his maiden Challengers trophy. Sridharan Sriram was also present during that series, and Robin was pretty close to him. As Robin used to address him, Sree Bhai was also a close friend of MS Dhoni, and the two got along swimmingly. MS introduced me to him, and we began hanging out together. Even though the meeting was just a few moments longer, they had developed a sort of camaraderie with each other. This is what is meant by pride to represent the nation in front of the world and in Cricket news in Hindi

Before Uthappa Made His Way To International Cricket

Uthappa made his India debut in an ODI against the West Indies in 2006. Dhoni had already established himself as the team’s chosen wicketkeeper and a devastating batsman. Uthappa and Dhoni became good friends when the Indian group toured different world areas, and their friendship has lasted to this day. Even before Dhoni became India’s captain and played in T20 World Cup, the veteran batter said players would pay close attention to what he said in the dressing room. 

He implied that the keeper had something unusual about him. After winning all three ICC trophies in white-ball Cricket, the Chennai Super Kings icon became one of the most successful leaders in world Cricket. Despite his announcement that he will retire from international Cricket in 2020, he remains one of the wealthiest players in the lucrative league.

Even before Dhoni became India’s captain, the veteran batsman said, players would pay close attention to what he said in the dressing room. He implied that the keeper had something unusual about him.

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