Remove Watermark from Photo Online for Free

People use watermarks on digital photos as a protection mechanism against copyright and to make their identity in the digital image society. Professional photographers use watermarks on their photos to promote their business and get fame. 

Getting an excellent image without a watermark is a very hectic task as most of the photos that you download from Google contain watermarks. If you are the original creator of the picture, then you may have lost the original copy and you need to remove the watermark from the photo to get a copy. 

You can use an app to remove watermarks from photos offline or you can use online photo editing services. If you are looking for a free online photo editing service that works efficiently to remove watermark from photos then Imgkits is the best choice.

Imgkits: AI tools free online 

Imgkits is a free online working photo editing website that provides all the AI tools online free of cost. It works intelligently and the results you get after using its tools are mesmerizing and professionally unique. Another interesting thing about using imgkits tools is that you don’t need to be a professional photo editor as a layman can easily use it without having photoshopping skills aur experience. 

Inpaint tool to remove watermark from photo

Inpaint tools are excellent tools when we talk about removing anything undesirable from photos. Inpaint tools of imgkits enable the user to remove any type of unwanted objects, logos, text, or watermarks from photos. 

By using it you can also improve skin texture in photos or inpaint old photos to bring them to life. You just have to upload the photo on the website and then select or paint that thing that you want to remove from the photo and the result will appear on your screen within seconds. 

How to remove watermark from photo

Without any further delay let’s get started how the process works:

  • By using any internet browser, open the imgkits website.
  • Find a remove watermark from the photos tool ( it is mostly present on the main page of the website or you can go to the inpaint tab).
  • Upload the image by using the upload image button present under the heading of “Remove Watermark from photo“.
  • You have to wait. It will take 2 to 3 seconds to upload the image. After The Image has been uploaded, select or paint the watermark by using the paintbrush. 
  • As you paint the whole of the watermark, the inpaint tool will start working automatically and within seconds you will get your photo without the watermark on it.
  • Save the photo without having a watermark by using the download button. 

As you can see the process to use the inpaint tool is very easy and anyone can do it. He or she just needs a digital photo, mobile phone or computer, and a stable internet connection to do it. 


We can conclude that to remove watermarks from photos an online working-free website is the best choice for the people who are willing to get fast and efficient results. Imgkits provides all the AI tools free online, you can use the inpaint tool to Remove Watermark from photos as described in the above article. 

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