Reasons Why Your Website Needs Author Boxes

Autor boxes are the boxes at the bottom of your website that give author information. They contain the profile picture, name, and some biographical information about the author of the post. An author box will display information that you put into your WordPress profile.

So, if you have a blog, the author box is helpful for your visitors because they will get more information about the person who creates the content.

The benefits of author boxes

Reliability of your blog

For example, if you put information about your work experience in the author box, you will easily convince your readers to trust you more.

More traffic to the articles

When visitors click on the author’s name, they will see all articles he/she has written on that blog.

Make your blog more authentic

If your readers know who is behind it, your blog will be more original.

Promoting multiple authors

When visitors can see the author’s names, they will distinguish them, and each of them will get a chance to promote themselves.

Organization of blog posts

The latest articles on your blog can be organized and displayed by a particular author.

Connecting with authors:

You can connect with the author via social networks and find out more about them.

How to create an author box?

There are two ways to create an author box. One is using a theme that incorporates an author box, and the other is using a plugin. Due to the existence of many WordPress themes that don’t support the author box, plugins are the best solution for adding an author box to your WordPress website.

Besides using a plugin, you can write your own code and add an author box that way, but it could be more complicated, especially if you don’t have much coding experience.

WordPress provides several author box plugins. We will single out one of them, and the following text will be more about this plugin and its features.

Simple Author Box

If you want to add a customizable and responsive author box to your website, this plugin is right for you. With the Simple Author Box plugin, you can add an author box anywhere on your site and enjoy some of the plugin features:

  • Easy to use
  • Assigning multiple authors
  • Adding guests authors
  • Has a Gutenberg Block
  • Displaying just on particular posts
  • Control of appearance and colors
  • Friendly support

How to use this plugin?

There is a free and PRO version of this plugin. Those customers who purchased the PRO will get the license key in their email.

Steps for using the plugin:

  1. Go to the website and enter the email that you used for purchasing. Then set up your password.
  2. Install the plugin (WP Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin); download it and activate the plugin with your license key.
  3. Set up the appearance: Click on Appearance and open the Appearance tab. Here, you can change the style of the image, change the margin and padding, add some effects or social icons, etc. Also, you can add custom CSS as well.
  4. Modification of author box tabs: you can add some additional tabs and author information. Open Appearance -> Author Box -> Author Box Tabs and discover what you can use to improve your author box.
  5. Colors: when you set up a design, the colors are one of the most important things. Open Appearance -> Simple Author Box -> Colors and change the color of the author name, background, paragraphs, or social icons.
  6. Plugin tools: you can find many valuable options here: Appearance -> Simple Author Box -> Tools.


As you can see, adding an author box is another useful feature that is available in WordPress. Also, adding the author boxes is quick and easy. If you install a plugin, you can add them in just a few clicks, especially if you use the Simple Author Box plugin. With this plugin, you will get appearance control of your author box completely without any ability to code.

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