Reasons Why You May Be Having Back Pain

Are you wondering what might be causing your back pain? It’s normal to encounter back pain at a certain point in your life. Usually, it may result from different things, including injuries, a long day at work, or chronic health conditions. Back pain may go away on its own, but if it keeps increasing or causes numbness or tingling, it’s time to seek medical attention. The East Brunswick back pain specialist performs a comprehensive diagnosis to determine the cause of your problem and provide treatments. Keep reading to learn what might be the cause of your back pain. Your back is critical in protecting your spinal cord and supporting your legs and arms. A problem with your back may affect your movements, affecting your daily activities. Finding the cause of your back pain is the first step to your treatment success. The following may be the reason you have back pain.

You are likely to have back pain if you lift heavy weights and spend most of your time standing or sitting, try using the back brace from OrthoBracing or 10inprogress in such time to avoid back pain.


Various injuries may lead to back pain, especially injuries involving the spine muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These include falls, car accidents, fractures, muscle strains, and sprains. Sprains and strains include injuries that affect the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that offer support to the spine. They may occur when you lift and twist something. Sports injuries and car accidents are also causes of strains and sprains.  Spasms occur when your lower back muscles and tendons tear away. They are common in weightlifting and sports activities. Spine and vertebral fractures may also lead to back pain.


Your daily activities may also contribute to your back pain. You are likely to have back pain if you lift heavy weights and spend most of your time standing or sitting. Lack of exercise, excessive weight, walking in high heels, and smoking can also lead to back pain.

Muscle overuse

Back pain may also result from overusing your back muscles. It includes repetition of the same muscle movements for an extended period.

Poor posture and muscle deconditioning

It occurs when you use your muscles incorrectly over time. The muscles weaken over time, causing pain.

Medical conditions

Chronic medical conditions commonly cause back pain, including the following. Arthritis causes swelling, stiffness, and inflammation. Arthritis of the spine may lead to back pain. Herniated discs may also contribute to back pain. Vertebral discs provide cushions for the vertebrae and act as the spine shock absorber. The disc may rupture or bulge, causing nerve compression, which may cause back pain. Degenerative disc disease occurs when the discs between the vertebrae wear out, causing back pain. Spondylolisthesis is a condition that happens when a vertebra moves out of place, and may also cause back pain. Other conditions that may cause back pain include scoliosis, facet joint issues, sciatica, spondylolysis, osteoporosis, and spinal stenosis.

Back pain can make your life miserable, affecting your daily life activities. Depending on the cause, the pain may vary, ranging from sharp to dull. It may also include other symptoms, such as tingling and numbness. However, you can make your situation different. The Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP team performs a thorough diagnosis to find the exact cause of back pain and create a customized treatment plan for you. Call their office today to schedule your consultation.

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