Reasons to Love Travel – What Motivates You to Travel?

With the recent advancement in technology, you can see everything around the world by just sitting on your cozy couch. However, traveling is much more than this. Many people spend their week keeping themselves busy in a 9-5 job and they are unable to explore the real beauty of the world. It lets you know the unmatched beauty of the world and has great health benefits as well.

Reasons to Love Traveling

Traveling is full of superb memories. Don’t forget to learn more about George Freundlich and his experience in this regard. Here are some of the top benefits of traveling.

  • Traveling Makes You Humble

One of the top benefits of traveling is that it raises a feeling of humbleness in you. When you realize that you are too small compared to the rest of the world, you tend to be humble. The more we travel, the humbler we become because it gives us a complete insight into ourselves and makes people tolerant, flexible, and humble with others.

  • Creates Meaningful Relationships

Without any doubt, the random people in our lives somehow become the most valuable people in our lives. Although you belong to a different region or country, the relationship becomes stronger and stronger in a few minutes. After that, you also tend to visit that friend and in the end, you both realize that you are the same.

  • Opens Your Eyes

Before visiting countries, travelers have rumors about other cultures, people, and countries. Nowadays, the media targets a specific country or nation, making it difficult for others to travel and see the beauty through naked eyes. It becomes even more relaxing when you see the other side with your own eyes because you get to know things that you haven’t heard before. Dr. George Freundlich learned a lot from traveling and this is why he emphasizes traveling.

  • To Admire Mother Nature

Mother nature has blessed some regions with its beauties and colors that no one tells you unless you see it through naked eyes. When you get out of your comfort zone and see the lush green beauty and sea green water around you, it hits you differently. The world is replete with options that you can see and explore and after that, you will admire the perfection of mother nature.

  • It Challenges You

Life before traveling is not challenging because you just have to wake up and drink your favorite coffee. If you want to challenge yourself, you have to travel. Although with new advancements, traveling has become very comfortable, it can be challenging to live in other countries. You have to challenge yourself even for coffee and take the bus or train to other destinations. And these challenges make awesome memories.


Traveling is complete fun. There are many astonishing aspects of traveling that you must experience by visiting new places and getting to know the rest of the world. People who travel are usually more happy, confident, and physically active as compared to those who don’t.

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