Questions to Ask a Builder When Buying a New Home

Buying a house for you and your family is one of the biggest dreams a man can nurture. It takes lots of years of hard work and savings before you reach a financial status on being able to spend money to buy a home. If you a person with average earning you’ll work and save to purchase a home you can afford. If you are person who earns well then too you’ll work and save to purchase a house that reflects your growth and accomplishments.

When you finally arrive at a decision to purchase a new home you must ensure that home looks good and is well constructed. You should also ensure that the builder has taken all the required permissions for building the house. There are a lot of formalities that needs to be completed before a builder can build a house and if those formalities are not completed it could spell trouble for the buyer.

When searching a bungalow house in Kolkata you should meet up with a few different builders who have ready for possession bungalows for sale in Kolkata. Here below is a small list of questions you must ask each builder/developer.

  1. Most Important – What is the cost of the bungalow; compare the price is similar bungalows for sale in Kolkata in that very locality. This is to check whether the builder is charging you a premium.
  2. Very Important – In whose name is the plot registered and will they register the plot in the buyer’s name at the time of sale. Post the plot registry will they provide the buyer with all land related documents. Do they have all sale/purchase documents related to the plot etc.
  3. Is the township project RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) approved
  4. When was the bungalow project completed
  5. What is the plot size
  6. What is the cost of construction the builder is adding to the cost of the plot
  7. Has the floor plan been approved by the civic authorities.

These are just some of the initial questions you may want to ask the builder before making up your mind.

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In case you are looking to buy a bungalow house in Kolkata that is located in a well-developed township then depending on the speed of development and the number of people residing in the township will give you a fair idea.

In case you are someone who will want a bank loan to purchase bungalows for sale in Kolkata then you simply need to inform your preferred bank about your plans. The bank will ask one of its assigned bank official to visit the township site and collect the required documents from the builder’s office. You will also be required you submit your income as well as other bank details.

If the bank finds all documents to be correct they will inform you of their decision and also let you know the home loan amount you will be sanctioned.

To make the right decision that is in your best interest it is imperative that you ask the some questions.

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