Proven Tips for Quitting Smoking

Every smoker has repeatedly thought about giving up cigarettes or even tried it, but, unfortunately, not everyone succeeded.

Today everyone knows about the dangers of smoking. All cigarette packs have a frightening picture, on the walls in the clinic there are posters about the terrible consequences of fronto leaf tobacco, doctors cite deadly statistics. Every smoker has repeatedly thought about giving up cigarettes or even tried it, but, unfortunately, not everyone succeeded.

I managed! My great desire and folk remedies have helped in the fight against nicotine addiction. They are easy to prepare and effective in practice. There were several attempts to quit smoking, the last one was successful. I tried everything: from expensive products and newfangled gadgets that replace cigarettes to easily accessible folk methods.

Folk methods: rinsing, chewing or drinking – now I can’t say exactly what exactly helped me – perhaps all at once combined with the desire to stop killing my health. Today I will share with you tried and tested recipes for quitting cigarettes.

But it is worth remembering that in everything you need to know when to stop, so I do not advise you to abuse these folk methods, even if they do not have side effects and contraindications. You should consult your healthcare professional before using any of the smoking cessation methods.

Do not rely only on herbs: before using a folk remedy, you need to make a firm decision to quit smoking and tune in to something that will not be easy, but the result is worth it.

Smoking stages

Getting rid of nicotine addiction is difficult, but possible. Before quitting, you need to determine what stage of tobacco addiction you are in. The more you get into this habit, the harder it will be to give up. Experts distinguish three stages:

initial stage

Smoking is only episodic, there is no physical dependence. At this stage, a person does not have the need to smoke after waking up and after eating, but mood swings already occur if there is no cigarette at the right time. Stage duration: three to five years. Dose: up to fifteen cigarettes a day.

Second stage

There is an obligatory need to smoke after eating and sleeping. The body begins to suffer from the consequences of smoking: sleep disturbance, gastritis, increased blood pressure. The human lungs take a bigger blow. In the long term – serious heart problems. Stage duration: five to twenty years. Dose: up to two packs a day.

Final stage

The body suffered irreparable damage from smoking cigarettes – precancerous diseases, chronic lung diseases, serious damage to the nervous system. In the morning, the body tries to free itself of tar, so a strong cough after waking up becomes the norm. Stage duration: from twenty years. Dose: from two packs a day.

Rinsing with a special solution

Every time I had an irresistible urge to smoke a cigarette, I rinsed my mouth with the following solution. The broth is very easy to prepare at home, I bought all the ingredients at the pharmacy for up to 100 rubles.

For cooking, you need calamus rhizome (65% of the total mass) and peppermint (35%). One tablespoon of the collection is needed per glass of boiling water. Insist 1-2 hours, then drain and rinse your mouth when you want to smoke. This rinsing provoked my aversion to smoking.

Also, those who quit smoking note the effectiveness of the infusion with yarrow. The collection consists of five parts of wormwood, 2.5 parts of licorice root, 2.5 parts of yarrow. Before rinsing, pour one tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, leave for two hours and strain.

Drinking infusions

Herbal drinks based on medicinal plants will help cleanse the body of tobacco toxins. Herbal teas can be effective in all stages of smoking cessation. Various herbs will help improve the condition of the body: some cleanse the lungs, others help relieve nervous excitement. With determination, support, and healthy coping mechanisms was wirklich hilft Nichtraucher zu warden, you can successfully become a non-smoker and improve your well-being.

Harvesting with hawthorn

Prepare a collection of the following herbs: 4 parts hawthorn flowers, 2 parts valerian, 2 parts peppermint and 2 parts motherwort. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of the collection of 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave for 3-4 hours. Infusion drink half a glass 2-3 times a day. The collection relieves irritability and discomfort in the area of ​​the heart when smoking cessation.

If you have a chronic illness, you should consult with your doctor when deciding to quit smoking and choosing a method of refusal, including using the recipes listed above.

I will supplement the story above with my recommendations for those who decided to give up the bad habit:

  1. It’s just banal to stop smoking. If you have a strong desire, physical activity will help. In the absence of her other opportunity – to do push-ups, depending on physical fitness, 10-50 times.
  2. Refuse the use of products that cause the desire to smoke: alcohol, spicy foods, strong tea, coffee.
  3. In the diet, increase the amount of foods containing niacin, such as beans, peas, bread, potatoes, eggs, peanuts.

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