Problems Faced by Ro Purifier That Warrant Your Attention:

You see significant industrial development and urbanisation growth in the last few decades. Due to this growth, the water’s contaminants have also increased significantly. Drinking water from taps gets contaminated and unsafe for drinking.

Water in most cities due to industrial pollution is unsafe for drinking. Tap water contains harmful bacteria and heavy metals. Drinking water containing bacteria such as E.coli can lead to prolonged illness. This is where the RO purifier comes in to provide the solution.

RO purifier combines filtration, purification, and UV to help eliminate biological pathogens. RO purifier also contains total dissolved solids (TDS) that aid filtration.

But all is not smooth with RO, and a purifier faces problems. Let’s see what the different common problems faced by a RO purifier are:

Pay Attention to the Taste & Smell of the RO Water Purifier:

It would help if you always observed the taste and smell of the filtered water from your RO purifier. If you experience any foul smell or a bad taste in your water, immediately replace your filters.

RO service near me in Thane provides purifiers with excellent filtration and removes all contaminants. If you face any problems with your filtered water, replace your filters.

Check The Pressure Or Water Flow Of Your Purifier:

Sometimes your purifier releases water slowly compared to its normal flow. This occurs due to the low water pressure of your purifier. The normal minimum pressure of a typical RO filter is about 40-60 PSI (pounds per square inch).

If your purifier has lower water pressure, it will fail to operate. The pressure of a filter can decrease because of some malfunctioning or bladder leakage. The clogged filters need to get replaced with fresh filters.

Malfunctioning Of the Faucet of the RO Purifier:

Sometimes there is constant water leakage from your RO purifier’s faucet. You experience such a dilemma because of an ill-fitted O-ring around the faucet. This O-ring is a soft ring made of rubber that prevents leakage around the faucet.

I contacted the water purifier service near me in Thane to fix this problem. They replaced my O-ring with a new and tightly fitted one.

Sometimes The RO Tank Takes Too Long To Fill Up:

Sometimes the RO water tank fails to fill up or does it very slowly. This is a pretty common issue faced by most RO purifier users. The main reason for this is low water pressure below the minimum acceptable limit of a RO filter.

Another reason for such an issue is a clogged or damaged filter. You must regularly monitor this issue and replace your RO filters once a year. You might need to fit a new pump to normalise the water flow and pressure.

Sudden Unusual Vibrations and Noises in RO Purifiers:

This problem is mainly due to the pump not functioning properly. The pump makes the water flow with the correct amount of pressure. Excessive use of the filter causes the pump to make much noise over time.

This is because either the bearings or one of its parts vibrates at a very high velocity to maintain the required pressure. The constant and prolonged vibrations also lead to wear and tear in the other parts of the RO purifier. If such things happen, you must replace your RO pump and call for immediate servicing.

High Water Volume Due To Increased TDS:

The high volume of water damages or clogs the membrane of the filter. The water which gets rejected from the water filter contains high amounts of contaminants and TDS. TDS and salts are integral to the RO purification and filtration process.

You need to maintain your purifier and give it for servicing thoroughly. You can also get the filter membrane replaced for the efficient functioning of your RO water purifier.

These are some of the major problems associated with the RO water purifier. It is a highly tedious process to replace any proper home appliance. You can take the help of reliable RO purifier service centres to fix any issues relating to your RO purifier.

A properly maintained RO water purifier can easily last more than ten years. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy the benefits of safe drinking water, you must maintain your RO filter.

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