Pre-fabricated Versus Custom Showers: Know The Differences


In the last few years, several homeowners have been experimenting with shower systems of different kinds. The less adventurous ones are likely to opt for a basic pre-fabricated unit. While the more adventurous ones would want to create their own custom shower pieces.

If you are a homeowner that is looking to go all out on your bathroom renovation project, a custom shower is likely your best bet. This is because you can model it according to your own liking after talking to the brand and designers.

In this resource article, we try to point out the major differences between pre-fabricated showers and custom showers. If you are planning a bathroom renovation any time soon, it would be best if you read through the article.

Pre-fabricated Showers: What are they?

As the name suggests, pre-fabricated shower units are designed and manufactured not keeping the specificities in mind. They are usually created from acrylic or fiber-glass units and come in one piece of multi-piece configurations.

You can simply walk down to your Home Depot and get one. Following this, you can either ask a plumber to get it installed for you or engage in a simple DIY project. Multi-piece ones are more convenient as they can easily pass through the doors of the house.

A Pre-fabricated shower unit is comprised of the following-

  • Pan
  • Panels for the Wall
  • Shelves and Soap Holders
  • Door
  • Tub

If you are not too concerned about the aesthetics of your bathroom and can stand the shower unit stand out from the rest of the décor, you can go for pre-fabricated shower units.

Custom Showers: What are they and why are they more special?

Many homeowners who want to create the perfect ambiance within their bathrooms always go for custom showers. The showers not only add a valuable aesthetic touch but also have a lot of functional utility.

These custom showers are also referred to as tile showers and are created by specialist carpenters and contractors for their clients. The shower and water lines are hidden behind specially constructed concrete panels and are tiled.

The custom showers are made-to-order and require a lot of finesse and expertise to install. However, if you want to personalize the bathroom, this is the best solution for you. Custom showers are best if you have larger bathrooms, bigger areas where you want to spread the pressure, and so on.

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Major Differences between Pre-fabricated and Custom Showers

In this section, we are going to list down some of the major differences between pre-fabricated and custom showers-

  1. Custom showers require a longer installation period than pre-fabricated showers. This is because the entire column and tiles need to be put into place.
  2. Custom showers add a lot of value to the household and elevate the market valuation of the house.
  3. Unlike pre-fabricated showers, installing custom showers can never be a DIY project. You need to get experts to install them for you.
  4. Pre-fabricated showers are limited in terms of their styles, sizes, and customization options. Custom showers, on the other hand, do not suffer from these limitations.
  5. Custom showers are more expensive than pre-fabricated showers. However, they last longer, add beauty, and are very attractive to look at.
  6. Pre-fabricated showers are difficult to repair as compared to custom showers. Once something goes bad, you would need to go for a complete replacement.
  7. Many also point to the fact that pre-fabricated showers are created of materials that are less eco-friendly and cannot be recycled.

The Bottom Line

Homeowners that are looking to create a bathroom with lots of personalization options are more likely to opt for custom showers. Yes, they are a bit expensive as compared to pre-fab units, but the kind of value they add to the house is unbelievable. If you wish to know more about custom showers, let us know in the comments section below.

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