Powerball: Everything You Need To Know 

Lottery draws have always been a favourite pastime of Australian citizens. With the lottery industry growing at a rate of 0.4% in the last five years, the industry has achieved a market value of about 6.9 billion dollars in revenue. The lottery industry has seen considerable changes to the new lottery system called Powerball Australia has to offer. This type of lottery system has appealed to the vast majority of the country and have led to higher jackpots than other lottery systems. 

Powerball Australia: An Overview 

Run by the Tatts Group, the Powerball in Australia is run under the brand called The Lott. It has many subsidiaries in New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland to Western and South Australian provinces. 

The highest prize to be ever achieved in the Powerball draw was about 150 million dollars in 2019. It usually happens every Thursday. Eager players buy different types of tickets and pool money for a chance to win the lottery. 

Playing The Powerball Online 

In a Powerball draw, there are two types of barrels that contain numbers. The first barrel has the numbers marked from 1 to 35, which is 35 balls. The second one has the numbers 1 to 20, which is 20 balls.

Players are allowed to take a “standard ticket” that gives them a chance of winning a single prize. A standard game consists of seven winning numbers and one Powerball number. The winning numbers get selected from the first barrel, and they take Powerball numbers from the second. 

The players can choose the numbers of the standard game manually or through a random function on the website. Although players usually buy the standard ticket, the minimum option one can go for is called the four-game lines.

More advanced types of tickets will let the player have an increased chance of winning the Powerball. 

Winning the Powerball

The Powerball winnings have nine divisions with the prize money reduced with each division. The odds of success increase from division 1 to division 9. Only the highest division of each game line is settled. 

Division 1: The seven numbers of the first barrel and the second barrel’s winning Powerball number must match to win division 1. It has the highest prize among all the Powerball divisions with the least probable success for victory. 

Division 2: Must match all seven winning numbers drawn. 

Division 3: Six winning numbers and the main Powerball number must match. 

Division 4: There are six winning numbers.

Division 5: There are five main numbers and the Powerball number. 

Division 6: There are four main numbers and the Powerball number. 

Division 7: The five main numbers must match.

Division 8: The three main numbers and the Powerball number must match. 

Division 9: The two main numbers and the Powerball number must match. 

Advantages Of Playing Powerball Online

  • Convenient: The players can select tickets and numbers from the comfort of their own home or anywhere else through the specified website or software. No more rushing in or waiting for the chance again. 
  • Secure: All monetary transactions happen through safe and secure financial sites. Hence there is no risk of theft or malpractice. 
  • View Statistics and Other Details: All the information regarding the Powerball is available on the website itself, and can be easily accessed. Players can avail any help at customer care. Their contact details are present on the website. 

Results: Results and other statistics are conveniently mailed to the player’s email directly.

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