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Since the spread of the Internet, online games have developed rapidly. Now that I spend most of my time at home, the number of people who enjoy online games is increasing dramatically. However, when you play an online game, you have the image that you enter the world of one person and it seems to be bad for your health.

In fact, the number of online games that can be played while enjoying communication with people all over the world is increasing. You can also enjoy playing games against people on the other side of the globe. If you have an internet environment, you want to increase the way you enjoy playing games online.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to select online games and recommended products in a ranking format. The ranking was created based on genre, age, and how to play. If you are unsure about purchasing, please refer to it. You can also play games at オンカジ.

How to choose an online game

Online games are available in various genres and ways of playing. Compare the content of the game and how to play it, and choose the online game that suits you.

Choose by genre

Online games include a lineup of games of various genres. Choose an online game genre to get the most out of your game.

FPS, called First Person Shooter, is a 3D gun shooting action from a first person perspective. Since it is drawn from your own point of view, you cannot see yourself, and only your arms and firearms you have are displayed. It is a big attraction that you can immerse yourself in the game world in a style that is often used in Batrois and war games mainly by a large number of people. 

TPS is a game that allows you to operate the character while looking at it from a third-party perspective. You can operate the character from an over-the-shoulder perspective or an objective perspective. You can also play as FPS by switching the viewpoint and playing.

MMORPGs are recommended for those who want to sit down and play one game and don’t want to play against people. What makes it different from ordinary RPGs is that it is a style of RPG in which thousands of players share one world and proceed.

 Dragon Quest 10 is one of the famous games, and even now when Dragon Quest 11 is released, it is still playing. Some people play for thousands of hours, so it is so addictive that it is said to be a crock training game.

An action game where you can enjoy winning and losing on the spot. Online battles of such action games can be played with players not only in Japan but all over the world, and the sense of accomplishment can be satisfied at the same time with visible results such as the world ranking in the game.  Speaking of famous games, Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter are recommended because you can feel the sporty fun of winning, exhilarating, and losing.

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