Peel and Stick Shower Clever Mosaics

If you’ve never used a peel and stick shower tiles before, you may wonder what makes them so popular. Clever Mosaics are made to stick together without glue or additional adhesive. But are they really worth the money? Here’s a look at how they compare to other brands. Do these tiles really work? Read on to find out! This article is sponsored by The Home Depot, but all opinions are our own.

Clever Mosaics

Clever Mosaics are made of an adhesive substrate and a gel component called vinyl. The combination of these two components creates a 3-D effect. They are also guaranteed to stick on any surface without the use of extra glue or adhesive. Unlike traditional tiles, Clever Mosaics are easy to cut, handle, and maintain. Once installed, they will stay in place for as long as you wish. The adhesive formula also makes them incredibly durable.

Clever Mosaics guarantee that they will stick without adding extra glue

If you want to install a kitchen backsplash, you can simply stick Clever Mosaics on the wall. These tiles are easy to apply and are made especially for backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom. These tiles can be removed easily by using a blow dryer and cleaning solution. If you are not satisfied with the installation, you can simply remove the tiles with the help of a hairdryer. Then, you should clean the wall to remove excess glue and reinstall the tiles.

You should know that the larger the tile, the more powerful the adhesive. This means that you will need to be extra careful when removing it. Fortunately, there are several ways to remove stubborn glue, such as using a blow dryer or heat gun. Both Clever Mosaics and Tic Tac require minimal maintenance. They can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water. Nevertheless, maintenance does not play a major role in the decision between these two products.

Cost of Clever Mosaics

If you want to install a new floor in your bathroom, consider installing Clever Mosaics. This product is designed with an adhesive substrate and gel component known as Gel-O. It sticks without the use of glue or any other adhesive and is guaranteed to stay in place. Another great feature of Clever Mosaics is that they are lightweight and easy to handle, cut, and maintain. In addition, you can easily remove Clever Mosaics for cleaning and maintenance. You will find Clever Mosaics very easy to use and they will stay on your walls for years.

Comparison of Clever Mosaics to other brands

Clever Mosaics are self-adhesive tiles that adhere to any smooth surface without a grout line. The tile’s 3D gel component gives it a realistic appearance and is easy to install. It is lightweight, easy to cut, and easy to maintain. You can install the tiles in minutes over a smooth surface. These tiles are resistant to heat and are designed specifically for use in the kitchen.


Clever Mosaics are the market leader when it comes to self-adhesive tiles. The company produces high-quality tiles in North America. One popular choice is Capri Taupe, a modern tile that will fit perfectly in a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. The tiles are extremely durable, making them suitable for backsplashes, but not inside showers. But there are a few important things to keep in mind before purchasing Clever Mosaics.


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