PDF Merging Made Easy with PDFBear

Merging PDF files became standard practice because too many PDF files on their desktop made it look untidy and unorganized. People seem obsessed with using PDF file formatting on every document. Words and Excels alike were converted into PDF format once done with the progress.

However, too many PDF files can affect your device’s operating system, even though each file consumes only a little, once it increases and that small consumption piled up, it is quite problematic. Another thing in every man’s computer or device, some PDFs were forgotten or were downloaded but left unattended on their desktops or folders. 

Do It In An Effortless Way

Since it is indeed a hassle merging PDF files with similar topics or related content was done to clean their devices. It can be done through different applications or online websites. PDFBear, unlike any of these online websites and applications, provides a merging service with accessible steps on how to merge PDF files for free and efficiently and effortlessly.

Giving a free service seems to be expected for everyone, though wrong. Many of the websites offering their free services were just a scam hiding their real aims. Some of them offer it for free while charging their users and customers with increasing hidden fees in all forms. It can be through their subscription on the mobile network or anything. 

Websites and applications are worthy of praise and deserve their subscribers’ trust. However, they are not offering this for free. They ask for a certain amount of payment to become members and have access to their services. Sometimes they also require a monthly subscription for the continuation of membership.

Though it is a paid service, the safety of your works online was pretty much ascertained. You can relax knowing that you can enjoy the amount you paid through the merging service without risking your PDF files on different free online websites. It is where PDFBear can ease all the worries regarding its affordability, alongside its assured security. 

PDFBear as an Online Merging Website Different From Others

What makes PDFBear different from the other online websites and applications is its superiority regarding its significant features. People decide to use a particular merging website depending on the three factors. The first one is its accessibility, which can also be related to its affordability or application. 

PDFBear is a free website where you can access and enter without payments or hidden charges, unlike the other free merging websites. Its compatibility feature allows the website to be opened on different operating systems like Windows and Mac and through popular online browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

The second-factor people look for is security. Since the online world is not that safe for transactions and other kinds of processing, people and websites always take precautionary measures to counter any incidents that may harm any files uploaded. PDFBear’s exemplary privacy policy does the work for securing these PDF files. 

Through its privacy policy, all files, PDF or not, uploaded on the system’s servers anywhere you are in the world will be removed accordingly after it lapses an hour on the servers. This way, it can prevent any harm that may hinder all future operations and halt any means to use the data for unspecified and unallowed purposes. 

Steps to Ensure an Efficient and Faster Merging Process

The third process is how fast a person can process his PDF files using a specific website. Speed is an important matter for people nowadays since the world has been little by little becoming a fast-paced one where all the slow aspects of life were disregarded or ignored. PDFBear boasts its hundred percent accuracy while maintaining speed faster than other websites.

The whole merging process only lasts approximately two minutes, depending on the number of PDF files on the merging toolbox and each file’s size. The process is also relatively easy to do, and the website comes with steps to guide through the entire process. 

The process will begin once the user uploads the PDF file on the merging toolbox. He can do it by selecting the PDF file on its folder and tapping Ok or dragging the PDF file, then dropping it onto the toolbox. PDFBear will scan all files that the user puts in it and start the merging process. Since it will not take that long, you can still do the things on your schedule.

Once done, the website will display choices for the users that allow them to email it immediately to others using a personalized message or copy the link generated by PDFBear and paste it on messaging platforms. They can download it on their device or upload it on the Google Drive or Dropbox account. 


You might also wait for a website that will satisfy all three of the factors you need for a merging website. Quit the wait and visit PDFBear’s web page and see all your factors present. PDFBear is the best merging website that guarantees its users the joy of processing their PDF files more quickly under a secured environment.

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