Path Of Exile: Patch 3.20.2b On Quality Of Life

Now is the time to discuss this Path of Exile. Granny Games announced patch 3.20.2b for Bravo a few days ago. Usually these small patches, I don’t pay special attention. But there are several important quality of life changes in this patch, even if they don’t affect most of the player base. But for a few players, they’ll be an enormous improvement, so you’ll find a lot of players will be happy to see this.

With the upcoming March events, we will also release soon this patch. So that’s why it has to be rolled out now and not postponed. It accounted all of this for in the next major patch, expressed as support for March events.

Group SSF events will then begin over the next few weeks. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official announcement post, as well as the following content.

Voidborn Reliquary Key

Over 400 unique items will be added to this Voidborn Reliquary Key in this patch. Now, with the changes to how Voidborn Reliquary Key works, these new POE currency items will be skewed towards the rare end.

However, if they tend towards a more general purpose, that would cause Voidborn Reliquary Key itself to become even rarer. Players will also have greater demand for Voidborn Reliquary Key.

You’ll then find that this will make Voidborn Reliquary Key itself much more common. But we won’t find that information. Only when people explore on a very large scale do they eventually find something. But I think we’ll see Voidborn Reliquary Key in flux.

Over time, the last time anyone had a major test with it, it was four times rarer than Divine Orb. However, if it turns out that many of these new foiled processes are unique. Then, maybe it will be triple the rarity of Divine Orb in the future. If it turns out, they’re mostly Mage Blood or Divineris or various other rare items. Well, it could be five or six times the rarity of the future Divine OB.

Recent Changes

Next, we have two very important quality of life changes. First up, Eater of Worlds’ Dash Slam. Most players will now know it as Hunger Slam, and its visuals will be updated. So they more accurately reflect damaged areas and visual changes. It still hits the same area, but that’s just to convey it more clearly. This change should probably happen in patch 3.17. The best time was nine months ago and the second best time is now.

The next big change is for Ralakesh’s Impatience. This is a very rare set of boots that players can use in many patches. But they’ll probably only be at their best on Trappers. When they are stationary, they will set your charging power’s stamina to max.

But when you move, you lose all that power. The problem is, moving from stopping to moving is something the player does very often. And there will be an audio cue around, which can be a bit distracting. Not only is it distracting, it’s genuinely irritating. Therefore, it will be eliminated. Excessive impatience will dampen this sound so you don’t have to live with it every time you walk around.

This patch also makes some minor changes to some items. Possibly more importantly, Voidborn Reliquary Key will be available in the bulk item exchange. This one will be especially useful for you if you are someone who is just deciding to get a Voidborn Reliquary Key.

I completed Sanctum Lego, and it has a bunch of valuable stuff in it. I’m going to convert all of these into Divine Orb. Then I’m going to convert Divine Orbs into the void Bond Relicroad Keys. If you are in this situation too, please turn them in. This is just a quality of life improvement that will make it easier for you to lose all POE Currency.

Bug Fixes

At the end of this League, the functionality of the unique Helmet Forbidden Shaco has changed a bit. These may be very important to 1 player in 50 players, and the vast majority of players completely ignore them. But they’re worth knowing in case you want to build around this Helmet Forbidden Shaco skill.

If it offers two Grants, both offer secondary skills. Such as the upcoming Doom and Predator. They will all work fine in the future. This usually doesn’t have much of an effect on how you play the game and whether you buy POE Currency.

At the same time, a bug where Support Gems granted by Forbidden Shaco had secondary skill effects was also fixed. For example, another Support Gem granted by Forbidden Shaco can aid the upcoming Doom’s Doom Blast, such as expanding the scope of influence.

This is a bit counterintuitive to me. I think it’s part of the same fix responsible for the first fix. But it causes very few Forbidden Shaco skills to be nerfed. There are a few other slight changes related to the project. Such as Hungry Loop, which is rarely used anymore, and the eternal struggle when it falls out of Voidborn Reliquary Key.

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But probably most important is the bug fix section. Dominus doesn’t say any of his combat voice lines. So we’ll see the touch of God again. There’s also a bug fix that may affect one in ten players in Standard. Again a small percentage of the overall player base, but still an important fix for Map Stash Tabs not converting to the current Map Series.

We will fix these due to a bug with Hidden Maps. Hopefully, this will resolve many of the issues those Standard League players have been facing.

This is what I call a patch, which is a bunch of quality of life changes and some changes that affect a few players. But it’s still an important change for those people. That’s all I got. Hopefully, you’ll find some interesting variations in it. Good luck.

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