Pangea Case Biodegradable Phone Cases

When it comes to phone cases, you have several options. You can choose from the Pangea Case, Reveal, and Spotlight. Each of these cases comes with different features and benefits. These features are important to keep in mind when choosing a phone case.

Pangea Case

Biodegradable phone cases are an excellent choice if you are trying to be environmentally conscious. The linseed used to make their cases comes from a Swedish ecologically certified farm, and the cases themselves are made in two separate factories. The first produces the linseed pellets, while the second uses solar power to mold the cases. The company’s supply chain is transparent, and it offers many styles for your phone.

Biodegradable phone cases can be made from a variety of materials, including bamboo, wood, and wheat straw. Biodegradable cases do not contribute to soil contamination, and they are completely compostable in just 36 months. PangeaCase claims that its biodegradable phone cases can even be composted in your own backyard.


Pangea Case Biodegradable Phone cases are made of a unique material known as bioplastic. These materials are designed to break down over a period of 160 days, and they are 100% compostable. They also feature a composting service. Biodegradable phone cases also help the environment by reducing waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills. Bioplastics are made from renewable sources such as corn starch, wheat straw, or sugarcane.

The Pangea Case Biodegradable Phone case is available in different color options and styles. You can find a dark wood or a light wood case to match your existing phone. The cases are both durable and attractive. Whether you prefer a traditional or a contemporary look, you can find one of the Pangea Case Biodegradable Phone Cases by Reveal online.


Bamboo phone cases can help protect your phone from the elements without being harmful to the environment. Bamboo is a natural material, and it can be recycled. However, it does take time to decompose, so you should consider placing it in an industrial composter rather than a home composter.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to the standard cell phone case, you can choose Pangea Case Bamboo biodegradable models. These cases are made of bamboo and plant polymers and feature NO plastic, degrading within 160 days. You can even customize them by adding a custom design. The process uses high-quality inks to transfer your design onto the case.

The company focuses on sustainable living and donates a percentage of profits to various environmental charities. In addition to being eco-friendly, the company is committed to supporting local businesses.

Biodegradable cell phone cases are becoming an increasingly popular choice. With their high-end style and eco-friendly material, these cases are a great option for those who want to reduce the carbon footprint of their phones. Pela Case Bamboo cell phone cases offer a variety of sizes and colors for most phones. The company also donates a percentage of sales to environmental nonprofits, which makes them a very ethical choice.

Recycled compact discs

A biodegradable phone case for your iPhone is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. The Pangea Case uses recycled plastic from compact discs to make protective covers for your phone. These cases are anti-microbial and feature a protective coating that repels scratches and prevents the phone from yellowing. Not to mention, they come in fun packaging, including altered versions of iconic albums.

One of the best things about Pangea Case biodegradable phone covers is that they are completely recyclable. The company recycles the plastic in their packaging and sends it to a composting facility, where it decomposes. They also donate 1% of their annual profits to environmental nonprofits.

Some biodegradable phone cases are made of plant fibers and bioplastics. Other brands claim that their phone cases are compostable, but don’t specify the percentage of plant-based materials. Some cases will take as long as two years to break down, while others take much longer.

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