Online Resources to Get Free Textbooks for College

A persistent upsurge in textbook prices has uplifted students’ financial strain and enhanced the educational gap. Not all students can afford to buy expensive hardcover textbooks that often cost over $300 a book. Fortunately, there are online resources that have been offering free textbooks for college students to reduce their financial costs. This article sheds light on the best online resources to get free textbooks for college. Explore them and get your academic material for free.      

Where to Get Free Textbooks for College

Finding free or discounted textbooks is not a hard nut to crack, thanks to websites for free textbooks. Students can now get academic material in print or digital format without paying anything. There are various websites that provide free digital textbooks, however, finding free print textbooks can be time-consuming. To get you through it, we have shared here the best online resource to get free textbooks in hard form. Get free academic material from the site and save thousands of dollars every academic year.      

SolutionInn – Best Website to Get Free Print Textbooks

SolutionInn, an educational technology website, has been offering free print textbooks to college students. The website primarily provides academic help and online tutoring service to US students. It initiated a free textbook program back in 2019 to bridge the educational gap and reduce the financial costs of students belonging to low-income families. 

The service provider has a great selection of high school, college, and university textbooks. It covers math, science, computer science, humanities, business, IGCSE, GCSE, and various other subjects. In total, there are over 30,000 textbooks at the time with 200 textbook titles being added to the collection each day. 

You can find here both new and used paperback and hardcover textbooks. Use the search bar to reach a specific textbook or explore categories to find highly recommended textbooks on any subject. Add it to the cart and get it delivered to your address for free.   

Free Fiction Books and Novels

SolutionInn is a great website for bookworms and keen readers who love reading fiction, action, and adventure. Some of the popular fiction books that you can get for free are Goodbye to the Sun, Hunted, The Legend of Banzai Maguire, The Alchemist, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Midnight Library, American Dirt, Big Little Lies, and The Thursday Murder Club. Explore the fiction books category to find the best novels written by the best sellers.   

Free Study Accessories

Not just textbooks and novels, you can also get free study accessories to organize your study desk and boost your efficiency. The service provider offers free study tools to students to enhance their learning experience without breaking the bank. These tools include the highest quality calculators, staplers, hole punches, highlighters, and super sticky notes, among others. Choose the study tool you need and get it for free without hassle.

Free Shipping

Another great offer the website gives to US students is free shipping. Whether it is about free textbooks, free fiction books, or free study accessories, everything is delivered to the recipient without charging for shipment. The service provider offers free shipping all across the US. So, whatever academic stuff you need, you can get absolutely free from the best online resource to get free textbooks.     

The Bottom Line

Running out of money and needing textbooks and academic material? SolutionInn is the ultimate online resource to get free textbooks, free reading material, and study tools. Visit the website and enjoy the best offers on college textbooks. Furthermore, take advantage of free study membership, access to the solution library, and study help from subject matter experts. All this is available without a cost. So, hurry up and ensure access to study material without breaking the bank.

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