One Chance to Get a Free Nightcap

From now on, as long as you place an order in Lovmuse Hair, you can get a silk nightcap worth 39.9 dollars at random! These silk nightcaps are not only of high quality, soft and smooth, but also has a variety of colors, pink, yellow, blue and purple, each color is pretty.

Lovmuse Hair is a luxury brand of wigs which sells all kinds of high quality wigs, such as lace wigs, V part wigs, headband wigs, T part wigs, etc, Lovmuse get the love of people for its super quality and considerate service. All the wigs in Lovmuse are made of 100% human hair, the human hair keep in virgin condition and it is never treated with harsh chemicals, heat or color additives.

The Importance of Nightcaps to us:

Silk or satin hats or pillowcases are very soft and smooth. Sleeping with a silk nightcap can maintain the softness of hair and reduce the friction between hair and pillow, so as to prolong the service life of hair extensions.

1. To p revent breakage

The hair may have the friction with the cotton material like the cotton pillowcase or bed sheet which causes the break off of hair strands. The hair breakage will have affect on hair growth.

2. Prevent forked

When the hair rubs against the cotton materials, the hair may be damaged and forked. We can only cut off the ends of the hair if the hair forks, .

3. To prevent dry hair

Silk nightcap help keep the hair moisture. Cotton material is more likely to absorbent than silk/satin,  Although the silk night caps don’t keep the hair moisture directly, they can prevent moisture from being lost quickly.

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