Offline Marketing Tips & How to Track Your Success

Contrary to a common belief, offline marketing is still an effective marketing strategy. Offline marketing is more effective in marketing a business to regular passersby and in areas with no internet. Again, you can be able to measure offline marketing success. And with the right tips, your offline marketing will attain your goals with less effort.

Check out offline marketing tips for your business.

1. Creative& Trackable flyers and banners

Flyers and banners are practical offline marketing ideas. However, not all flyers will give you optimal returns. That’s why you need advanced flyers that are easy to monitor and track. They will not only entice potential customers but will make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your promotional campaign. You can learn more about this from¬†Oppizi.

2. Sponsor a community event

Community engagement is critical in boosting your offline marketing. Potential customers will be happy to support one of their own. Also, locals will appreciate a business person who engages and support the community. Such an image will be vital in increasing your sales leads.

3. Speak at events

Speaking in front of your potential customers increases your business visibility. And because everyone is involved, you can get feedback and customers’ suggestion concerning your business. But before speaking, choose a topic that you know well. A thrilling well-organized case will move listeners. And after the speech, you can hand out your business cards or pamphlets.

4. Leave your brand items at critical locations

Branding your business is an essential offline marketing tool. Include the business log and business contact details in the brands. And if you have a website link, include it along with the business logo and leave such brands in crucial areas for your customers. The brand’s customers will have increased awareness of your business.

5. Hold a contest

Contests get attention from many people, both participants and observers. Especially if there is an excellent prize, people will participate. Therefore, come up with the correct contest for your potential customers. And decide on the right price, preferably your branded product. The idea is both fun and effective for your offline marketing plan. But don’t forget to choose an appropriate time to hold a contest.

6. Participate in trade shows

Trade shows offer a perfect opportunity to interact with your potential customers. Use catchy banner stands to attract potential customers to your booth. And at your booth, use the power of “mouth” to sell your brand.

A catchy booth display will give visitors a good impression of your business. Also, you can collect visitors’ emails during trade shows.

How to track your success

1. Using URLs

Brand a URL for your offline business marketing. With the URL, customers will visit your business page. When used on your flyer, you’ll be able to track the number of visitors and the duration. Higher traffic on your page will indicate success in your offline marketing campaign.

2. Redemption offers

Use coupons or codes that unlock promotions as redemption offers. The number of claims on the redemption offer will help you know your success rate.

3. Behavioral changes

Identify the timing of your offline marketing campaign and observe traffic and behavioral changes. For instance, if your traffic increases after handing out flyers, you’ll know the technique was successful.


Offline marketing offers tons of opportunities to grow your business. It’s cheaper to increase sales leads and enhance your brand awareness. With the above tips and quality tracking software, you can be sure to succeed and track your offline marketing strategies.

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