NZ Online Pokies Strategy

In the gaming industry, internet pokies are referred to as online casino slots. Their name was created back when businesses were brick and mortar, and it has mostly remained the same ever since! However, each theme and the development of bonus themes have increased traffic towards playing online since online pokie machines are now more relevant and in demand than ever. This is as a result of all the lavish and outstanding supplementary features and gameplay aspects that have been incorporated into them.

How can I raise my odds of winning online pokies?

The query that everyone is interested in these days. But how can you ensure a victory when you play pokies online? You would think that by now there would have been a technique developed to assist you really land a greater chance of winning, given how widely used pokie machines and internet casinos are in New Zealand. Unfortunately, there is no way to trick a random system, as much as we would like it to. Despite this, there are things you can do to improve your odds; nevertheless, there is no set method.

We have thus included a summary of the precise steps you would do below. To get your dose on anything New Zealand and online pokie-related, keep reading.

Higher limit games

Although this may appear to be a dangerous pokies technique, the main goal is simply to maximize your possible earnings. When you get that winning combo reward, you will actually receive a larger payoff the higher the denominations. Of course, whether you can actually afford it and if your gaming bankroll covers your expenses will be the deciding factors. Since gains are effectively extra money and an asset you can afford to lose, many gambling aficionados actually choose this strategy when they have some winnings in the bank.

While not many players will be eager to spend all of their money on pokies, we strongly advise you to give it a shot and see if your luck allows you to hit any high-paying combos.

Try Progressive Pokies

This is yet another crucial aspect to take into account when playing jackpot-laden online pokies. It’s common for online pokies makers and online casinos to offer massive payouts to prospective players. One such game is Red Tiger Gaming’s Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, which features a fixed prize of $250,000 each spin. Although the payoff in this game is large, it all depends on whether you invest the maximum of $10 every spin or not. Lower stakes have the opposite impact of the advertised jackpots. Therefore, if you chance to wager the minimal amount of $0.10, you better remove a few zeros from the predetermined grand jackpot amount!

Since we are frequently inundated with stories in the gambling media about how people have won millions of dollars playing games like Mega Moolah, for instance, with only a $0.25 bet, many beginners truly are unaware of this. However, this is a totally different scenario since progressive jackpots are distinct from fixed jackpots and you may still win them with the smallest bets, but it is impossible with games that use fixed jackpots.

Play pokies with higher RTP

If you want to use a slot game to get a nice payoff, the RTP statistics are essential to your winning approach. The RTP is how casinos generate money because if the RTP were 100%, there would never be a casino advantage and you would potentially get back whatever you bet, which would mean there would be no profit. Even though we are aware that decent RTP percentages for games might vary from 92 to 97 percent (or greater if we are lucky), the RTP varies from casino to casino even if the developer never changes. If there is an increase in taxes or other conditions for casinos in some countries, casinos may choose to modify the RTP values shown in the catalogue of slot games.

Consider the work of well-known software providers like NetEnt for an excellent illustration. One of the most popular games among gamblers is their game, Starburst. However, there have been instances where the RTP varied by as much as 2%, which is rather significant if you want to increase your chances of winning. Although many casinos advertise an RTP of 94.05 percent, 94.3 percent, etc., the RTP on the official NetEnt website is 96 percent. Reading the slot descriptions carefully and evaluating the RTP values prior to placing a wager is therefore essential if you want to have an advantage over the house edge. Consider this: If you play a Starburst slot machine with a 94.3 percent return to player (RTP) when a 96 percent RTP slot is available on another website, you have theoretically lost $1.70 for every $100 wagered. Hey, the sums add up!

Select pokies with a high top payoff.

Progressive jackpots would, of course, always be an option in this situation, but the chances of winning are scarcely assured. As a result, choosing games with a large fixed payout ought to be your second choice in this situation. Games with generous theoretical maximum payouts, like Relax Gaming’s Money Train 2 have garnered media attention. Yes, the extra respin function that is built into the game may truly give you a winning sum that is 50,000 times your initial wager.

It makes perfect sense to be extremely selective about the games you choose to play, since you need to pick games that make winning much simpler. Remember that if you want to win large, you must also gamble big.

Use extra money and free spins to try out different pokies

When a bonus, like as free spins or bonus cash, is offered to you as soon as you sign up, you know you have found a fantastic chance for your games. Why, you inquire? Because of the bonuses included into online casinos, you may explore your interests and play games for pleasure without worrying about your finances or being vulnerable. The best part of these online casino bonuses is that you can also use them to cash your winnings in real money.

Naturally, you will have to use your own money to play once you have spent all of the free spins and bonus money from your online pokies account, but that doesn’t stop you from playing for free. Free play is for you if you need more time to plan and understand pokie machines inside and out. Following the free play, you may evaluate whether the slot machine is worthwhile for you to invest more time, effort, and money in.

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