NFL Funniest Moments of 2022 Season

Whether you look up the latest NFL plays online, on TV, or from the top offshore sportsbook, when it comes to NFL funny moments, 2022 has many of them! 

From players yelling offsides to illegal moves, we will explore the latest football funny moments from the NFL week in review game highlights. 


Final: 38-10, NOV 21, 2022 

1. Man Down! 

With under 3 to go in the third quarter, a handoff goes to Elijah Mitchell (now on the IR list). He is in the backfield for a loss of 1. But it is #85, George Kittle, that everyone was watching. 

On the ground, Kittle waited for a Cardinal like Zach Allen to help him off the ground, but no one would help him up. We could all use a friend. Anyone? Anyone? 

2. Which Way Did He Go? 

The same game early in the fourth ended up being a yard short of first down. Rookie Brock Purdy (who replaced Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance) tried to pass to running back Darrel Williams (#24). 

Nicknamed Baby Bosa, with his thick legs and standing at only 5’11, he went the wrong way for the handoff. 

Regardless of his AKA, Baby Bosa sounds much better than Mr. Irrelevant (Purdy, 262nd overall pick, seventh round). And Williams, in his four seasons with the Chiefs, had four AFC games and a Super Bowl ring (2020). 

3. Give It To HIM! 

At around 6:25 minutes into the 4th quarter, there is a handoff to Jordan Mason (#24) as he is knocked down right at the marker. Suddenly some of the 49ers yell from the sidelines, “Give it to us!” And why not? 

While a big boost, the 49ers need to take more carries from Christian McCaffrey. Against Miami, he only averaged under three yards a carry despite a 30-yard run with three minutes on the clock, finishing 66 yards, 17 carries. 

Mason totaled an astonishing 51 yards on eight carries (6.4 a carry). 

Let’s hope Shanahan likes those numbers, too! 

4. Nacho Average Player 

With four minutes on the clock in the 4th, fans could hear “Taco!” from the sidelines. A blitz from the 49ers almost got a pick as Samuel Womack flashed in front, and as one commentator described it, “He had nothing but green Kikuyu grass between him and the end zone.” 

He quipped about the record holder for pass breakups (39), “Womack said I’ll take your taco to the house.” And what’s not to like? While standing at 5’10, his pro day marks were 4.39 seconds for the 40, 6.87 for the 3-cone drill, and he has a 36-inch vertical leap. 


Final: 37-30, Nov. 20, 2022 

5. Fair Catch of the Day 

In the top of the 3rd, with 10 minutes on the clock, Trent Taylor (#11) fair caught a ball and bounced it. Yup! 

There’s the penalty flag and some pushing and shoving as the ref calls, “Invalid fair catch on the receiving team, 5-yard penalty, first down, timeout.” 

All we know is he made an executive call…and it worked. 


Final: 23-10, Date: 11/20/22 

6. There’s a Party Going On Somewhere 

A fan in the crowd with a cowboy hat on and sunglasses is dancing – despite the Texans being down 20-3. 


Final: 20-23, Date: 10/2/22 

7. Tell Us How You REALLY Feel 

In the second quarter, with under 13 minutes left and a 7-7 tie, there’s a flag as Marcus Mariota #8 goes down. 

A holding play comes on #6, with a 5-yard penalty and automatic first down, as someone yells out in the LOUDEST exasperated tone, “Oh, my gosh!”  


Final: 31-18, Date: 11/20/22 

8. Come Again? 

At 31-12 with 5 minutes left in the 4th, Brad Rogers called holding on Detroit’s Amani Oruwariye (#24) against the Giant’s #86. There’s already talk that Oruwariye might be traded (in 2021, he had 57 tackles, in his first eight weeks this year, he had 23). 

Conditions were so windy after the call the sports broadcasters could barely hear a word he said. Replay, please! 


Final: 21-16, Date: 11/20/22 

9. Tag, You’re It! 

With a score of 6-10 and 5 minutes left in the 2nd, an unsportsmanlike conduct call came to defense #93, Greymont Jones. The tag was after the play against Moreau #87, who was doing a great job. As one commentator said, “Not another towelgate!” 

10. Buh-Bye! 

In overtime, with the score tied at 16 and 8 minutes on the clock, wide receiver Davante Adams (#17) scores a touchdown for the Raiders as they dance and chant “Bye B*tch!” heading into the locker room. 

Play On, Player! 

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