Nakupenda Beach Tour, an Oasis of Warmth in the Middle of Winter!

There are few better feelings, especially if you live in a country that typically gets very cold during winter than flying somewhere hot, both literally and figuratively. For example, if you come from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, or even Romania, one of the best ideas is to travel to Zanzibar, the insular semi-autonomous province that belongs to Tanzania, and take the Nakupenda beach tour. This is one of the most requested excursions from tourists all over the world, due to the beauty of the place and its peculiarities, which you’ll find out by reading the article below.

The Nakupenda beach tour takes you to the most famous beach in Zanzibar, with a unique property: it disappears during high tide, since the sandbank is covered by seawater, and it reappears during low tide, the only period in which it can be visited. This place, which literally translates to “I love you” in Swahili, is located only 7 kilometers away from Stone Town, the old capital of the island and the place where Freddie Mercury, who would become a true legend as the soloist of the band Queen, was born back in 1946. Therefore, access is easy, reaching the destination in a maximum of 30 minutes from the hotel.

Once you get there, you’ll understand why we said that the Nakupenda beach tour is just like an oasis of warmth in the middle of winter. First of all, because the sky and the water of the ocean are exactly the same shade: an azure that can’t be reproduced in paintings, not even in high-resolution photos, but must be viewed exclusively from the spot. Secondly, because the sand also has a unique color, somewhere on the border between white and gold, fully contributing to the wonderful landscape on the small “lost” beach in the middle of the water.

According to one of the top local travel agencies, Zanzibar Tour Guide, during the Nakupenda beach tour, you’ll get to swim, snorkel, enjoy seasonal tropical fruits & fresh local juices, as well as eat delicious seafood & barbecue. Overall, we’re talking about Zanzibar in a shell, literally and figuratively, since you’ll get to enjoy the activities which made the tourist destination internationally famous. Actually, snorkeling can be considered the “national sport” here, considering the number of local practitioners, but also the number of enthusiasts who come here to take advantage of the crystal waters & the wonderful coral reefs.

In conclusion, now is the perfect chance for you to discover the Nakupenda beach tour & make the most of all the secrets that this unique beach in the world hides. “If you want to add another memory to your collection, be sure to book your place now since they are limited. We are waiting for you to join us and almost feel like swimming in the sky since the water has the exact same color as the sky & you can’t be sure where the two meet, at the horizon”, it’s shown on the website of the previously mentioned agency.

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