Most Popular Car Manufacturers by Sales in Australia

Every year, Australians make hundreds of thousands of car purchases. This makes the Australian automotive market one of the most competitive in the world. But which car manufacturers come out on top when it comes to sales? Thanks to recent data, we can review the most popular manufacturers in the country…but which will you choose?


Topping the list of most popular car manufacturers by sales in Australia is Toyota. Not only does the Japanese manufacturer offer consumers a wide range of vehicles, but its cars also offer great value for money. In 2021 alone, Toyota dominated the Australian sales market with over 220,000 units sold. This is largely thanks to its popular models, such as the Camry, Corolla, and RAV4.


Coming in at number two on the list of most popular car manufacturers in Australia by sales is Mazda. While not as successful as Toyota when it comes to overall sales figures, the Japanese manufacturer still managed to record over 100,000 units sold in 2021. Popular models such as the Mazda3 and MX-5 have helped cement its place in the top three best-selling car manufacturers.


In third place is the South Korean manufacturer, Hyundai. Thanks to their strong presence in the Australian market with models such as the i30, Santa Fe, and Tucson, they were able to record over 72,000 sales in 2021. Hyundai’s commitment to building reliable, affordable vehicles has enabled them to consistently achieve strong sales figures in the Australian market over the years. The brand also offers a wide range of SUVs and passenger vehicles that cater to almost any taste or budget.


Next, the well-known American manufacturer enjoyed a successful year in 2021, with over 71,000 vehicles sold across Australia. This was largely due to their range of SUVs, such as the highly popular Ford Escape and Ford Everest, which have become staples in the Australian market. When you buy Ford, you know you’re getting a reliable, affordable car that won’t let you down.


Although it will come as a surprise for some, Kia was next on the list in 2021. The South Korean manufacturer is known for its great value and wide range of vehicles, including the Sorento SUV and Cerato hatchback. With their stylish designs, comfortable interiors, and generous features list, Kia is becoming an increasingly popular choice among Australians.


Some will expect it higher on the list, but Mitsubishi came in next with around the same number of sales as Kia (67,000). This Japanese automaker has been around since 1917 and produces several popular cars, such as the Outlander SUV and the ASX small SUV. Mitsubishi is known for its reliable models with high safety ratings, making them popular family cars.

Choosing a New Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s important to consider the sales figures of each manufacturer. While there are many great models from different brands, these top companies have proven their reliability and appeal to Australians. When you’re ready to make a purchase, it’s a good idea to compare prices and features across brands. It’s also worth considering the manufacturer’s reputation and long-term reliability when making your decision.

For example, Mitsubishi is a great choice for those looking for a reliable, affordable car. It has consistently ranked among Australia’s top 10 most popular brands for years, and its vehicles offer a good balance between value and performance. However, five other manufacturers now sit above it in terms of sales.

Even after this, we could talk about Nissan and VW, who came in seventh and eighth respectively. With Nissan Navara bull bars and other accessories, you’ll have everything you need. So, which manufacturers will you explore?

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