Modern Trends in the Construction of Private Homes by Kirill Yurovskiy

It’s important to keep track of changes and trends in homes being built in 2023 to choose home building solutions. Let’s take a look at the major trends in suburban home construction.

Building single-story homes

Some will say it’s no big deal, but in 2023, builders continue to abandon two-story structures in favor of single-story ones. They are interested in low-rise construction, and they are thinking about maximizing the convenience of living. The issue is important for families with young children or the elderly. Moving around the house with one floor is easier, life becomes safer for each family member.

Single-story structures are chosen by those who pursue functionality and rationality. A one-story layout is ergonomic in terms of maintenance. Compared to two-story structures, the heating costs of a one-story home are significantly lower. Building a one-story home will also require less investment, including for finishing, laying utilities, and purchasing building materials. Trends in modern one-story homes in terms of design also provide opportunities to choose different architectural styles.


This is one of the modern trends in the construction of private homes. The new architectural style is characterized by minimalism and simple forms. It appeared in the early 20th century to create functional outbuildings, but later became used for basic structures and became widespread throughout the world due to practicality, aesthetics. In an effort to live up to the “simpler-better” concept, we often choose the Barnhouse style for home design. Such structures look spectacular, blending well with forest landscapes and urban development.

Distinctions of the style:

  • Simple forms.
  • Gable roof.
  • The use of a single material for finishing the facade and the arrangement of the roof.

Black finish

While in the case of the Scandinavian style white is used, today it is actively replaced by black or graphite gray. They were in demand in 2022 and the trend continues now. Walls are painted in black, black furniture and porcelain stoneware are used in the interior. Dark interiors are not at all associated with a gloomy mood, they promote concentration.

High glazing area

The solution opens up the possibility to illuminate the premises with an abundance of natural light. This method will be appropriate in any design. Wide windows let you contemplate the nature, even if you want to be at home on a snowy winter evening or a rainy day. Due to new technologies there is glazing that does not let in wind or drafts even in severe winters. High-quality glazing contributes to good thermal insulation, they are durable and provide room security.

Attention to the outdoors

Terraces, balconies, and porches can be places to relax and enjoy if properly arranged. In 2022, architects paid a lot of attention to the outdoor space around homes. But this area should not just look beautiful, functionality is important throughout the year. Often, panoramic glazing with elaborate protection from UV rays and an air conditioning system is used for this purpose. Construction is carried out of materials that are highly resistant to negative natural factors.

The shape of such buildings can be anything, but the architects are similar in their desire to create an open space without blank walls. This ensures that plenty of natural light enters the room.

The use of environmentally friendly materials

Last year, modern country house projects were mainly created using ecological and natural materials. In some countries, the eco-trend is still in its formative stages, but it can be assumed that over time this trend will become one of the most important. Natural finishes are an indication that the owners care about the environment and strive for rational use of natural resources and care about their health. In a house made of glued laminated veneer lumber you will always have a good sleep, they are easy to breathe. Natural softwood exudes phytoncides, which are good for your health. In such a house you will notice an improvement in your health.

Recycled building materials are often used for the arrangement of country houses. For exterior and interior finishes, it is advisable to use materials that do not contain chemicals.

The style of minimalism

Trends toward minimalism are most active in construction:

  • Minimalism in the design of interiors, facades.
  • The reduction of the area of the premises.
  • Flat roofs.
  • Decreasing number of storeys.

If 15-20 years ago builders aspired to erect two-story buildings with a huge basement and attic, today the situation has changed in favor of small, but functional modern private houses. In the 90s, houses were built for several generations in advance, but today, buildings with a small area and minimalist design are in vogue.

Energy Efficiency

The requirements of developers also touched the issue of energy efficiency of buildings. Due to the new energy efficient technologies it is possible to build warmer structures. This is achieved by means of hydro and thermal insulation systems, the use of double-glazed windows with high energy-saving capabilities. High-tech insulation materials and innovations in heating systems also contribute to energy savings. In 2023, houses are warmer, allowing more savings.

The kitchen is more important than the living room

If in the past the kitchen was a small inconspicuous room, which was used solely for cooking, today, this room is becoming the main place in any country house. It has more importance than the living room, because in the kitchen there are the reception of guests, gathering family members. For this purpose, when developing a project of the house, planning of the rooms is carried out in such a way as to combine the kitchen and dining room. In some cases, even the living room is combined with the kitchen. Often, the space with the largest area on the ground floor is allocated for the kitchen.

The design of the cooking area involves the installation of powerful hoods so that smells do not spread throughout the house. A large table is placed in the center of the kitchen, over which a beautiful huge chandelier hangs. Since the room is visually divided into several functional zones, in the other part are installed sofas, armchairs, poufs, TV

This will make it possible to qualitatively organize a zone for rest. In such rooms, you can hold dinner parties or parties, receive guests or just gather the whole family for dinner.

Smart home – development trends

With the development of new technologies, there are more and more different equipment and systems that make life easier. Many suburban homeowners use centralized control systems. They include:

  • Remote video surveillance of the home.
  • Control of the heating system at a distance.
  • Lighting control.

Control takes place via mobile applications. The system opens the door to a world of comfort for users, while achieving savings on utility bills. However, despite all the advantages, the trends in house construction with the use of such systems are at the initial stage of development.


We have reviewed some development trends in private home building. Taking into account these trends, you can notice that by 2023, cottage construction is actively developing towards rationality, functionality, and comfort. Builders want to understand the trends and apply them in the construction of their own houses. The general trend is related to an environmentally friendly approach to construction and lifestyle, against which there are new values and ideas in terms of setting up a country house. Author Kirill Yurovskiy.

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